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The Fishy Doubloon Caper is the fourth episode of Season 1 of Carmen Sandiego.


Returning home after failing to catch Carmen in Paris, Chase is intercepted and abducted by the two mysterious agents that have been following Carmen.

Carmen is in Ecuador seeking a "19th-century trading vessel" and any valuable artefacts on it that V.I.L.E. might otherwise try to steal. She finds a treasure chest with a doubloon inside, but just as she's seeking more information from Player, El Topo bursts in and takes the doubloon from her. In pursuit, she manages to make him drop it... only for it to be eaten by a tuna. They pursue the tuna, only for it to be caught in a fishing net.

On land, Carmen and her crew meet Dr. Pilar Marquez, and learn that it is an Ecuadoran 8 escudos coin: the first doubloon created in Ecuador and a symbol of its independence. While it lacks monetary value, Carmen knows that V.I.L.E. would try to steal it, not realizing this fact.

Chase regains consciousness handcuffed in a small room. The woman drops a pen to the ground and a hologram of Chief appears. She tells him about the group she is chasing, V.I.L.E., with whom she believes Carmen works.

In the fish market, Carmen falls victim to altitude sickness and passes out. The archaeologist she met earlier cares for her until she recovers.

Chase is skeptical of Chief's claims, but she tells him that he does not have a choice in cooperating. He is given an A.C.M.E. identification card.

Zack and Ivy locate the tuna who ate the coin. Before it can be recovered, it's taken to auction. With Le Chevre there, who would easily recognize her, Carmen sends Zack and Ivy to the auction in her place. They win the tuna, only for it to be stolen by El Topo and Le Chevre anyway. Carmen pursues. After a fight with the two, Carmen successfully recovers the coin, which she entrusts to the archaeologist who was searching for it.

Carmen considers going to Buenos Aires to seek clues to her past, when Player tells her he's found the next target, which is in Amsterdam.


The full episode transcript can be seen here: The Fishy Doubloon Caper/Transcript




In Other Languages

Language Title Meaning
Spanish Misión: Doblón pescado Mission: Doubloon Fish
French Opération doublon équatorien Operation: Ecuadorian Doubloon
Turkish Şüpheli Altın Para Hırsızlığı Suspected gold coin theft
Portuguese Missão Peixe Recheado Stuffed Fish Mission
Italian Il caso dei dobloni sommersi The Case of the Submerged Doubloons
Hebrew מבצע המטבע והדג The Fish and Coin Operation
Greek Επιχείρηση: Το δουβλόνι μέσα στο ψάρι

Epicheírisi: To douvlóni mésa sto psári

Business: The Doubloon Inside the Fish
Thai ไล่ล่าหาปลากลืนเหรียญดับลูน

Lị̀ l̀ā h̄ā plā klụ̄n h̄e rīyỵ dạb lūn

The Chase for the Fish's Gold Coin
Arabic عمليّة العملة الذهبيّة المُريبة

emlyt aleumlat aldhhbyt almuryb

The Suspicious Gold Coin Operation
Japanese 白いクジラの金貨を追え

Shiroi kujira no kinka o oe

Chasing the White Whale's Gold Coin
Korean 참치와 금화 작전

chamchiwa geumhwa jagjeon

The Tuna and Gold Coin Operation
Chinese 魚吞達布隆案件

Yú tūn dá bù lóng ànjiàn

The Fish Doubloon Case


  • Despite ascending at the same pace as Carmen, Zack and Ivy acclimatize with no problem. Though this may be due to Carmen having been diving beforehand.
  • Maelstrom shows no interest in using the coin for V.I.L.E. funds, likely due to them still being financially secure; at this time.
  • Carmen notes that V.I.L.E. can recognize her, regardless of what she's wearing. Similar to A.C.M.E.

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