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The Fishy Doubloon Caper is the fourth episode of the first season and the fourth episode overall of the 2019 Netflix series.


During a caper off the coast of Ecuador, Carmen discovers, lost, hidden treasure within the remains of a shipwreck and races to secure it before V.I.L.E can get to it first. Meanwhile, Inspector Chase Devineaux ends up in the hands of A.C.M.E, a group who also shares the same goal as him, to capture Carmen Sandiego.

Poiters, France[]

As Chase and Julia Argent depart from the elevator, Chase complains that even though he had previously chased Carmen and was in vicinity of her, he was unable to capture the supposed thief and was given nothing for his efforts as he looks on at his destroyed car. As the two walk on, Julia suggests that Chase should go back to the penthouse to re-examine everything with stating that the supposed stolen goods were only reported stolen though Chase believes Carmen did really steal though the Inspector does not wish to hear it, as he goes to bid goodnight to his partner, Julia attempts to warn him about the empty fuel gauge though Chase insists she leaves, as she does, Chase enters his car and finds it unable to start, seeing there is no fuel. As he steps out, he comes face to face with a woman who points a sleeping gas gun at him which she uses, Chase then falls to the ground as another agent catches him to break the fall. Unable to let her anger get the better of her, Julia goes to return to her partner only to discover him missing despite his car still there.

The Ecuador Coin[]

Once again on another caper, Carmen swims further down into the ocean as Player asks how the trip is going, Carmen jokingly remarks that the area is wet as Player assures her that once their mission is over, she can explore as much of South America as she wants and hints at visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina to which Carmen states she does not want to visit her birthplace until she has enough leads to her past. Closing in to the shipwreck, Carmen asks for more intel only for Player to warn her about a red line which represents the equator, Carmen appreciates the joke but further explains that said line is imaginary and is the reason why the world is divided into the southern and northern hemispheres with Ecuador being exactly where the equator is. Further explaining, Player states that the area is known for its fish and bananas, a combination which Carmen ponders about on how it would taste as a sandwich, she then explains that the fish are then taken up to the Andes Mountains and to its capitol, Quito, the second highest capitol within the world as Player once again jokes that his nose is bleeding at the idea of being at such a high altitude, he then mentions that the 19th century ship had plenty of doubloons on it when it sank and that if sold in the modern day, could have value.

Continuing her dive, Carmen confidently mentions that she will grab the artifacts before V.I.L.E can and asks if their other help is doing as asked to which Player confirms. Above, Zack and Ivy watch on a boat as Ivy looks on using binoculars and as Zack becomes seasick at the idea of being near fish. On lookout, Ivy notices a larger ship, commenting that it has its motor off and nobody is aboard that she can see to which Zack calls the situation creepy. After swimming further, Carmen confirms she has found the shipwreck and goes towards it, inside Player asks if she has found any treasure and Carmen tells him that there are many treasures within the wreck but none of them interest V.I.L.E, scouting ahead, she then notices a chest and uses a metal crowbar to pry it open where she moves a compass aside and picks up a map which instantly dissolves just because she can examine it, she then takes interest in a golden coin which she slowly grabs and then asks Player to examine it only to be cut short as Player hears a sound, unsure of where it is coming from, Carmen looks around unable to find the source but is quickly pushed away as Antonio, the V.I.L.E operative known as El Topo ascends from below where Carmen was and notices the coin she is holding and activates the tank on his back which propels him forward causing Carmen to let go of the coin, Antonio then grabs it and escapes as Player wonders who it is, Carmen answers and then goes to follow her former ally.

Still not wanting the coin out of her sight, Carmen states that if Antonio is doing the work below, then Jean-Paul, also known as Le Chevre, must be above ground, she and Antonio then fight as Carmen gains the upper-hand by grabbing Antonio by the foot and allowing her jet to reverse so that it pulls the two back, using this to her advantage, Carmen races ahead for the treasure only to be pursued once again, as the coin continues to reach the surface, it is then swallowed by a fish, still not wanting it to be found once again later on and end up in the hands of her enemies, Carmen follows after the fish. Above, Zack and Ivy stop their boat closer to the one that Ivy had recently spotted as Le Chevre jumps down to investigate the two, he notes that neither look or sound like they are from the area after hearing that they are there to fish, Zack mentions they are from Boston and that they came to Ecuador due to Boston harbour being busy, an answer which Ivy elbows him for. As Carmen continues to grab the fish, it is then lifted up by a net and taken away by a boat, Antonio then pushes her to the side and goes to follow his target only for Carmen to thwart him by showing that she had taken his breathing tube causing Antonio to return to the surface. As Player contacts the siblings, Jean-Paul overhears Carmen's name being mentioned and questions if it is Carmen Sandiego but is forced to help Antonio after the latter begs for help as he struggles to swim, as Jean-Paul prepares to help, Zack and Ivy then shove him overboard and escape the scene on their boat.

On Ecuador Land[]

Now on dry land, Carmen asks where the fish is as she is told that all the fish, including the one she is after, is already on its way to Quito and will be going to auction, information which she relays to Zack and Ivy as Player contacts her with more important information, that the coin she had been pursuing is a doubloon but it is not of Spanish origins and is named the Ecuador 8 Escudos, now with this knowledge, Carmen notes that it is an Ecuadorian doubloon which catches the attention of a woman watching from a boat, Player continues to explain that the coin's nickname from those who collect the valuable coins is "The Moby Dick Doubloon" and shares its name with the famous whale with its name also originating from the story of a man named Captain Ahab who promised the coin as a prize to whoever captured the white whale he so desperately sought to capture, Carmen laments that the coin evading her feels like the famous tale. Just then, the woman walks over to the three and introduces herself as Dr. Pilar Marquez, she explains she is an archaeologist and leader of an excavation group searching for the shipwreck, Carmen explains that the wreckage is now long gone and empty which confuses Marquez as she wonders if the trio are scavengers, Carmen quickly stops herself and says that she, Zack and Ivy are amateur coin collectors, Marquez explains that the doubloon was the first doubloon in Ecuador in the 1830s just some time after Ecuador became its own independent nation and that only a handful of the coins were made.

Zack notes to Ivy that due to only so many being made, they have plenty of value to them, Marquez states that despite its limited existence, the coin does not have monetary value but is instead seen as a link to the past. Hearing this, Carmen promises to find the coin as Zack and Ivy follow after her as she walks off, Carmen states that they will find it as she now knows that V.I.L.E is unaware that the coin does not have any monetary worth to it.

Interrogated by A.C.M.E[]

After waking up from being captured, Chase confidently states he cannot be held and tries to escape from his cuffs. The woman who had used her sleeping gas gun on him before reaches into her pocket and holds out a pen which she throws onto the floor as a hologram of another woman appears before the three, Chase questions who she is and what she wants with him as the woman introduces herself as The Chief and that she knows of Chase's recent encounters with Carmen. As the agent unlocks Chase's cuffs using a button, The Chief states that she can help Chase so long as the latter helps her.

Reporting to V.I.L.E[]

After removing a tracker, Jean-Paul and Antonio report to Professor Maelstrom noting that if Carmen is chasing after the doubloon then it must be valuable, intrigued, Maelstrom states that once he obtains the coin, he will use it to gain cuff links for himself as the two operatives mistake his goal for using the coin to then use the extra money to buy more rich items though Maelstrom explains that by obtaining the cuff links after melting the coin, he will make Countess Cleo envious of his new possession.

Up The Mountains[]

Not wanting the fish with the coin to end up in V.I.L.E's hands, Carmen asks Zack to speed up as Player warns her that the air above ninety-five hundred feet becomes thinner and warns the team that if they do not give themselves time to adjust to the new altitude and climate, they will get altitude sickness

In A.C.M.E's custody[]

As Chase listens to The Chief, the latter explains she believes that V.I.L.E has been operating for decades and that they are skilled in manipulating finances to contaminating foods like cheese. Chase then questions why A.C.M.E has not yet stopped V.I.L.E as The Chief explains that the organisation her and her team is hunting is secretive and is not known to the public and that only six of their operatives were ever arrested but were taken out of custody before they could ever be questioned by the law enforcement behind their capture. As Chase realises that no leads remained in those cases much like none were left when Graham Calloway was mysteriously released, The Chief points towards him and jokingly remarks that if she does not remove her holographic finger slowly, the Inspector will be stuck talking backwards and tasting colors but admits she is merely joking. Chase then believes Carmen to be V.I.L.E's leader only for The Chief to shut down the idea due to Carmen flaunting what she does and V.I.L.E being a secretive criminal organisation, she then goes on to explain that despite all of their advanced technology, they have been unable to track down any V.I.L.E associate but that a thief who manages to evade capture easily and escape to another country entirely has more knowledge and that The Chief wants to find her so that she too can know of the organisation, she then explains she will provide the tools needed to find the elusive thief to Chase.

On The Mountains[]

As Zack parks the van on the Andes Mountains, Ivy steps out and takes a breather, Zack does too but then complains at the smell of fish. As Carmen steps out of the van, she notes that the stench is a positive note as they are looking for the fish market but then due to the altitude and not taking the time to process her new climate, she faints. In Poiters, Julia attempts to call Chase to find out where he is though he does not return her calls. As Carmen comes to, she visions Coach Brunt in front of her only for her former mother figure to be replaced by Marquez who was the one to have found Carmen unconscious, Marquez explains that the former fainting was due to lack of oxygen and places a breathing mask over Carmen in order to help her regain her stamina.

Chase joins A.C.M.E[]

Still unsure of The Chief's words, Chase insists he will be fine searching for Carmen without the extra help as he is with Interpol but The Chief admits she pulled strings and tells Chase that he is no longer with Interpol as the agent from earlier steps forward and issues a card to Chase, as the latter grabs it, the card activates and The Chief welcomes her new agent.

Getting The Coin[]

Fully coming to consciousness, Carmen awakens properly and calls for Zack and Ivy, as Marquez enters, she admits she told the siblings to go explore the markets and says that she did so due to seeing neither of them know how to help someone who had fainted due to climate sickness. After seeing Carmen's confused look, Marquez admits she had followed the trio. Not wanting to lose another minute resting, Carmen goes to stand by stumbles still not used to the altitude, as her bag drops, it unclips as the contents fall out and Marquez picks up a red and yellow throwing star and then questions Carmen's previous claim of being a coin hobbyist, the latter then states that since the Doctor helped her, she now plans to help her in return by securing the doubloon, Marquez allows her to.

Inside the fish market, Zack begs his older sister to locate the fish faster to which Ivy tells him to be quiet and threatens her brother by saying she will shove a fish down his throat if he does not stay quiet, moving her scanner, Ivy locates the coin within the fish as Carmen, now in her red trenchcoat and fedora, enters the building. Zack tells his friend not to be embarrassed that she fainted but Carmen only asks if the two found what she asked them to, Ivy confidently claims that she did as Carmen tells them that the fish had just been wheeled out of the room for auction. At the doors, Carmen gently pushes one open and notices Jean-Paul on the metal bars above the crowd and insists that either with or without the coat, she will be recognised and asks the siblings to bid in her place. As the auctioneer announces that the fish is a yellow finned tuna that weighs ninety-seven pounds, Ivy tells Zack that the fish is the one they need, as the bidding begins, the man notes that someone has bid one-hundred and fifty dollars on the fish as Zack raises his offer to one-hundred and fifty thousand dollars, an offer that disappoints Ivy and Carmen, shocks Jean-Paul and surprises the auctioneer who then sells it to Zack, Zack mentions Carmen told him to bid to win and that is what he did but Ivy explains that, that is not how auctioning works as she and her brother race to grab the fish, them running alert Jean-Paul who then alerts Antonio that he is to get the fish.

As Antonio creates a circle below the cart with the fish, it falls down as Zack and Ivy go to grab it. Inside the other room, Antonio's first escape point fails as he then escapes from another tile with the fish as Carmen chases after him, she sends a fish towards him which tied his legs together and causes him to fall, as she goes to grab the fish, Jean-Paul beats her to it using a net which he then uses to reel the fish over to him. Wanting the coin to be back in her possession, Carmen attempts to tell her former friend that the coin is nothing but sentimental value but Jean-Paul does not listen and tells her to tell her thoughts to Professor Maelstrom, as he goes to escape, Carmen once again grabs the coin but it is then grabbed by Antonio who goes to run only to be stopped by Zack and Ivy, Antonio then goes to hit the two with the fish but misses and instead hits Jean-Paul, the impact causes the coin to be thrown out of the fish and into Carmen's hand. Antonio helps his partner up as Jean-Paul mentions he is not feeling well, not wanting to admit he was behind the accidental attack, Antonio explains that it is the altitude as he escorts him out of the room still believing he has the coin on him.

Julia Finds Chase[]

Still wanting to know where Chase went, Julia remains by the car and notices a packet of open mints on the floor which she finds leads to a room. Inside, The Chief explains that A.C.M.E stands for Agency to Classify and Monitor Evildoers and explains that they too are a secret agency and that not even law enforcements, V.I.L.E or even their own families are aware of their existence and that it is imperative nobody knows of them. Julia opens the door as Chase then tries denying ever knowing of her as The Chief comments on how impressive Julia's skills are.

Returning The Coin[]

As Carmen returns the coin, Dr. Marquez thanks her as Carmen mentions she is only doing her part for Ecuador to which Marquez then comments on how Carmen is from Argentina, seeing the latter's expression, Marquez explains that when she was taking care of her, Carmen mistakenly believed that she was someone else, Carmen mentions that it was a link to a past and that visiting her birthplace may help her. Player then contacts Carmen mentioning V.I.L.E's next target is the Rijksmuseum, a museum in Amsterdam, Carmen puts her hood over her head as she tells him that Argentina is not their current tup priority as she walks towards the boat and to Zack and Ivy, once on the boat, Zack drives him, his sister and his friend away.


For the transcript of this episode, see here: The Fishy Doubloon Caper/Transcript





Team Red[]




  • Carla Tassara as Dr. Pilar Marquez
  • Bernardo De Paula as The Auctioneer

In Other Languages[]

Language Title Meaning
Spanish Misión: Doblón pescado Mission: Doubloon Fish
French Opération doublon équatorien Operation: Ecuadorian Doubloon
Turkish Şüpheli Altın Para Hırsızlığı Suspected gold coin theft
Portuguese Missão Peixe Recheado Stuffed Fish Mission
Italian Il caso dei dobloni sommersi The Case of the Submerged Doubloons
Hebrew מבצע המטבע והדג The Fish and Coin Operation
Greek Επιχείρηση: Το δουβλόνι μέσα στο ψάρι

Epicheírisi: To douvlóni mésa sto psári

Business: The Doubloon Inside the Fish
Thai ไล่ล่าหาปลากลืนเหรียญดับลูน

Lị̀ l̀ā h̄ā plā klụ̄n h̄e rīyỵ dạb lūn

The Chase for the Fish's Gold Coin
Arabic عمليّة العملة الذهبيّة المُريبة

emlyt aleumlat aldhhbyt almuryb

The Suspicious Gold Coin Operation
Japanese 白いクジラの金貨を追え

Shiroi kujira no kinka o oe

Chasing the White Whale's Gold Coin
Korean 참치와 금화 작전

chamchiwa geumhwa jagjeon

The Tuna and Gold Coin Operation
Chinese 魚吞達布隆案件

Yú tūn dá bù lóng ànjiàn

The Fish Doubloon Case


  • It is possible Carmen fainted and Zack and Ivy did not due to her have been diving before the ascent.
  • Carmen notes that V.I.L.E. can recognize her, regardless of what she's wearing. Similar to A.C.M.E.
  • Coach Brunt appears as Carmen's hallucination but when she speaks, it is Dr. Marquez talking.

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