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The Egyptian Decryption Caper is the 6th episode of Season 4 of Carmen Sandiego.


Jules works to crack the final code, pointing Carmen to the pyramids of Giza. But V.I.L.E. throws a wrench in their plans.


In a temple in India, Carmen steals an artifact containing a clue while Dr Saira Bellum sees it on a drone's camera.

Walking outside, Carmen calls Julia, and sends her a photo to get it analyzed; while this happens, the drone takes a picture and sees who she called.

At her office in the university, Julia translates the content and transfers everything to Carmen. The clue of the artifact says it is in a room in the biggest pyramid of Giza. There is a knock at the door, and she opens it to reveal The Cleaners. Julia is taken captive to a safe house in Egypt in Cairo. Carmen, having arrived at Egypt, is staying at a hotel, and calls the landline phone for Julia's office; Chase picks it up, having come to meet for lunch to discuss things. Both realize that she is in trouble, and Chase heads to Egypt. He had kept Chief in the dark so no one knows to follow them.

Countess Cleo and Tigress travel to Egypt and enter the safehouse to interrogate Julia, where they convince her to go with them to the pyramids. Entering, they press a certain point that leads down a tunnel, where they need all three clues to press to a wall in order to access the treasure. Tigress keeps guard and accidentally presses a stone that reveals a sarcophagus, which she attempts to open.

Carmen and Chase witness them enter the pyramid and follow. Chase distracts Tigress and manages to trap her in the sarcophagus, while Carmen marches into the deeper caverns. Carmen fights the Cleaners, but is knocked out by a stun gun; at the same time, her clue is used to open the wall, revealing the massive room filled with treasure. A fight ensues between Carmen and the cleaners, but is interrupted by Chase, who activates the pen summoning Chief via hologram. Seeing this, Chief summons the local law enforcement; the Cleaners cite protocol and convince Cleo to leave and flee via helicopter. At a press conference the next day, Julia is credited with the massive discovery.

In Seattle, Carmen is talking Player when she gets stunned by a drone. Attempting to contact Carmen, Player hears Vlad saying she belongs to V.I.L.E. now.



  • When Boris grabs a sword, it is straight, but in the next scene, it appears as a scimitar.