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The Dark Red Caper is the eighth and final episode of Season 4 of Carmen Sandiego and the show finale.


As Carmen sinks further into V.I.L.E.'s clutches, her crew teams up with A.C.M.E. to get the old Carmen back. But is it too late?


Carmen is at the castle headquarters of V.I.L.E. Standing on the docks looking into the sea, Carmen is lied to by Coach Brunt about her backstory, in which she is told Shadowsan held a grudge against her father, and killed him. Brunt tells Carmen that they did not know her mother's name.

Julia and Chief find info on her mother: Her mother Carlotta Valdez had moved from Vera Cruz, Mexico to Argentina. They discover that after being unable to locate her daughter, she opened an orphanage, perhaps in the hopes of one day reuniting. Zari and an unnamed agent conducts a stakeout to observe. Shadowsan enters the orphanage at night and finds information.

Graham returns to Reykjavik, Iceland, and walks into the police station so he can get arrested. That gets the attention of ACME Chief. Interviewing him, he cares for Carmen and has an idea for the return of Carmen; this involved a plan they had used prior to restore his memories, so that her memories can be restored. ACME sets a bait; Chief has pulled strings to get a diamond returned to the museum in Morocco. This was the same diamond that Carmen stole 2 years prior in the series pilot. (Becoming Carmen Sandiego: Part I). This attracts the attention of Carmen who decides to personally steal it.

At the place, ACME Is on a stakeout when two agents follow Carmen. Graham asks about it, only to realize it was a decoy; Tigress had worn the suit as a distraction and Zari realizes so after an attempt to use the mind wiping device. Graham comes and takes the device to the room. Julia and Chase attempt to stop her, but both are taken out. Graham comes in and manages to get it onto Carmen for a brief amount of time before she breaks it, causing her to begin slowly regaining her memories. She uses Crackle's own rod to knock him out.

Chase gets back up after a moment of unconsciousness. Carmen notices this and pushes Chase through a window, causing them both to land on an issued ACME vehicle. There she sees Shadowsan and begins to fight him. Shadowsan stops her by pulling out the littlest Russian nesting doll, causing Carmen to fully remember her past.

Chase arrives with the Chief's hologram, identifying Shadowsan as one of his past kidnappers; Shadowsan apologizes for that time, as he needed to maintain his cover. Chief asks Carmen if she's ready to uphold her deal in turning over V.I.L.E. to the authorities; Carmen agrees to, more than ever after the Faculty brainwashed her (plus making her responsible for Crackle).

ACME heads to the castle in Scotland. Acknowledging the presence of ACME, Coach Brunt tries to fight, but is brought down by a net gun launched by Chase. Countess Cleo looks from a room and submits defeat when Julia arrives. A helicopter uses a string to catch Dr. Bellum as she attempts to use a jetpack. Zari enters the dungeons to see Roundabout. Finally, Chief personally finds Maelstrom and takes him captive. The faculty, plus Tigress and Mime Bomb, are last seen imprisoned.

Chief visits Graham in the hospital, he ends up being alright (having rewired his weapon to not go above knock out levels of electrocution), but does not wish to connect with Carmen, believing that he would only complicate things for her. But he smiles knowing that she will be okay. Chief agrees to let Graham go, feeling he's earned freedom for his loyalty to Carmen and helping bring down V.I.L.E. Shadowsan meets with the Chief in a Seattle cafe and passes on information about V.I.L.E.

Shadowsan gives Carmen all their known information about Carlotta Valdez. She departs for Argentina without saying goodbye to Zack and Ivy but leaves a message telling them to stay strong and keep fighting and that she loves them both. Along with her message, she also leaves them ACME's communicator pen; indirectly telling them to seek employment as official spies. Carmen is seen going up to the orphanage, and knocking on her door. It opens, but we do not see her mother's face.

The episode ends showing that Zack and Ivy joined ACME, as well as Julia, and the four of them, including Chase, are seen together stopping a heist that included Paper Star with her tied up. Carmen is visible from a roof nearby with them happy to see her again before she departs for places unknown.


  • The theme of the 1994 animated series plays over V.I.L.E.'s arrest. This same theme was performed by an Austrian woman playing on a Stradivarius violin before Carmen stole it in the previous episode.
  • How each member of the Faculty is captured befits them.
  • Mime Bomb is confirmed to be insane, as he is locked up in a mental institution with Maelstrom.
  • Tigress is put in prison once again, only this time with Coach Brunt, Countess Cleo, and Dr. Bellum as her cellmates.
  • Neal the Eel, Cookie Booker, Dash Haber, The Troll, the Cleaners and Lady Dokuso are the only V.I.L.E. operatives who remain uncaptured.
  • Carmen's birth name is never given.
    • Though it's likely she has Valdez as a surname as her father would change his to hide from V.I.L.E.
  • Carlotta Valdez's face is never shown. But she is shown to have some grey hair, implying she is at least in her 50s.
  • Player remains Carmen's sole contact from Team Red.
  • A little girl resembling young Carmen is seen at the orphanage.
  • Ivy and Zack join ACME, which they were already established to be in one of the other show iterations.