Carmen Sandiego Wiki

Theme music plays.

Flashback to V.I.L.E. Academy.

Shadowsan: Japan. The Land of the Rising Sun is located off the coast of Eastern Asia. It is a country filled with sights to behold, magnificent temples and pagodas, cherry blossoms which bloom in spring.

A sumo wrestler grunts.

Shadowsan: Even fearsome sumo wrestlers. Legend holds that Japan was created when the ancient ones dipped the blade of a jeweled spear into the sea. When the blade was removed, drops fell back into the sea, and those drops became the island of Japan. Tomorrow, Professor Maelstrom will tell you all about Scandinavia.

Carmen: No! I wanna go to Japan!

Shadowsan: Perhaps someday you shall, Black Sheep.

Carmen: Will you take me there?

Flash forward.

Carmen: Shadowsan, Shadowsan! Tell me again how Japan was made by a spear! Please?

Shadowsan: That was mere legend, a fairy tale. You are old enough now to know the truth. My country was not forged by magic, but by brave warriors called "samurai," who lived for honor and were willing to give their lives to defend it.

Flash forward.

Carmen: I want this more than anything, Instructor Shadowsan.

Shadowsan: You had better be certain that becoming a professional thief is what you truly desire. For if you choose this path, there will be no turning back.

Back in the present, Carmen gasps and wakes up on a moving train. The PA chimes.

Woman over PA (in Japanese): We are arriving at Matsumoto station. Please watch your step.

The PA chimes.

Carmen: Hey, guys?

Ivy: What? Huh? Is it karaoke time?

Carmen: Where's Shadowsan?

They exit the train.

Ivy: Yo! Shadow-lo-yadalow-ay-hee-hoo!

Zack: Oh, Shadowsan!

Carmen: He said he had personal matters to attend to. I wasn't expecting another vanishing act.

Player: He's a ninja. It's his thing.

Carmen: Well, it's getting old.

Player: So, why would Shadowsan jump ship at Matsumoto City? There doesn't seem to be much around here.

Carmen: Unless you're into historic samurai castles.

Carmen enters Matsumoto castle.

Player: Any sign of him, Red?

Carmen chuckles.

Carmen: Just one.

She crouches in front of a glass case holding a katana.

Carmen: A pretty sure sign.

Flashback to V.I.L.E. Academy. Carmen is folding origami. She stares at Shadowsan's katana in front of her.

Back in the present, Carmen touches the glass case.

Hideo: Do not touch the glass. Fingerprints spoil the view.

Carmen: And the view from here is striking.

Hideo: You are gazing upon Matsumoto Castle's most precious artifact. Swords like these, and the samurai who wielded them, embody the soul of Japan.

Carmen: So, there's another like it? You said, "Swords like these."

Hideo: There actually was another. Part of the daisho.

Carmen: The what?

Hideo: Daisho. The Japanese word for "pair of swords, big and little," worn together by the samurai. This pair was separated many years ago.

Carmen: What happened?

Hideo: Legend holds that the long sword was lost to dark forces.

Carmen leaves the Castle. Shadowsan approaches her from behind.

Shadowsan: You followed me.

Carmen: You ditched me.

Shadowsan: Did I not tell you I came to Japan to attend to personal matters?

Carmen: Let me guess. To complete your daisho? I saw the sword. If you wanna steal for personal gain, go back to V.I.L.E. Island. I mean it.

Shadowsan: I did not come here to steal that sword. I am here to return this one.

He presents his katana—the missing long katana of the daisho.

Carmen: Are you telling me the legend or the truth?

Shadowsan: I do not feel comfortable speaking here.

"More Than a Feeling" plays in a karaoke bar.

Ivy: I looked out this morning and the sun was gone / Turned on some music to start my day.

Zack: I lost myself in a familiar song / I closed my eyes and I slipped away.

Shadowsan: I was once young and foolish as well.

Carmen: You stole the sword from the museum on a dare?

Shadowsan: More like a rite of initiation. My gateway into a life of crime.

Zack: It's more than a feeling.

Ivy: More than a feeling.

Zack: When I hear that old song they used to play.

Ivy: More than a feeling.

Zack: I begin dreaming.

Ivy: More than a feeling.

Zack & Ivy: Till I see Shadowsan walk away.

Zack: See my Shadowsan walking away.

Zack belts.

Ivy: Domo arigato.

Shadowsan: What I could not know then is the burden of shame I would carry for dishonoring the memory of samurai.

Zack: Oh, they use swords, too!

Ivy: What's the difference between a samurai and a ninja anyway?

Shadowsan: Samurai were noble warriors and keepers of the peace in ancient Japan. Ninja were trained in dark arts of deception and used their talents as spies and assassins.

Zack: So, which one are you?

A waitress arrives with a tray of fish.

Waitress: Haido zo.

Zack retches.

Zack: Fish? Almost a perfect evening.

Player: Heads up, Red. I just intercepted V.I.L.E. chatter. An unknown operative was dispatched to Tokyo this morning.

Carmen: V.I.L.E., in Tokyo now?

Shadowsan: They are here for the sword.

A woman stands with her eyes closed in front of a temple. She opens her eyes at the sound of paper crinkling and uses an umbrella to shield herself from flying paper ninja stars.

Paper Star: Pretty spry for a seasoned operative.

Dokuso: Test my reflexes again, and you will taste my venom.

Paper Star: Your mastery over poison potions is legendary, Lady Dokuso. It would be prudent of me to respect my elders.

Dokuso: Not all elders, Paper Star-chan. I called you here because there is one who must be punished.

Paper Star chuckles.

Carmen and Shadowsan are walking down a street.

Carmen: So V.I.L.E. assumes what I assumed. That you wanna complete the set.

Shadowsan: They will steal the short sword to use as bait to draw me out.

Carmen: We'll steal it first. It's what we do. The opposite of what you came here to accomplish, I know.

Shadowsan: I cannot, not again.

Carmen: Then be glad I invited myself along.

Carmen hang glides over Matsumoto Castle. Paper ninja stars slice through her glider. Carmen gasps as she goes down.

Carmen: Come on. Come on! Whoa!

Carmen grunts. Roof tiles clatter as she skids across them and catches herself on the edge.

Carmen: Paper Star.

Paper Star: I told you before. Sheep don't fly, not on my watch.

Paper Star throws more paper stars. Carmen jumps down onto another roof. Paper Star chases her on foot and chuckles. Carmen hides behind a column.

Player: Red. Someone's taking the security cameras offline... and it isn't me.

Carmen: Paper Star's not the thief, she's the decoy.

Carmen charges at Paper Star, who throws more paper stars. Carmen kicks up a roof tile aimed at Paper Star's wrist, knocking Paper Star's paper stars out of her hand. Carmen enters Matsumoto Castle and discovers the empty daisho case with a gasp.

Carmen: No!

A man approaches with a flashlight.

Hideo: What is the meaning of this?

Hideo flashes the light at Carmen.

Hideo: You! The girl from today! Did Suhara send you?

Carmen: Who? I work alone.

Hideo grunts as Carmen jumps and steps over him, disappearing.

Dokuso appears on the screen before V.I.L.E. faculty, holding the short katana in her hands.

Dokuso: Shadowsan will come for it soon.

Professor Maelstrom: And what makes you so certain, my mistress of toxic distress?

Dokuso: His young associate is already here in Japan, doing his dirty work, so the traitor cannot be far behind.

Professor Maelstrom: Then use your young associate to bring us both their traitorous heads, and earn a seat at our table.

Carmen and Shadowsan are on a bridge.

Shadowsan: This is not your fight.

Carmen: You know it's a trap. Is it really worth risking your life to return these swords? There's more to the story, isn't there... Suhara?

Shadowsan: I am Shadowsan. Suhara was swallowed by darkness a long time ago.

Carmen: The curator of Matsumoto Castle seems to know something about that.

Shadowsan: All too well, I'm afraid. He is my brother.

Carmen: And you didn't tell me? Why?

Shadowsan: Because I could not bear to burden you with tales of my own family, not when I am unable to tell you anything about your own.

Carmen: No secrets, remember? I can't keep operating with only half of the story.

Shadowsan: I was raised by my brother from as early as I could remember.

Flashback to Shadowsan's childhood. Shadowsan and Hideo are meditating.

Shadowsan (V.O.): As you have no doubt already learned, Hideo is a scholar of samurai history. He always possessed discipline.

Shadowsan opens one eye. His friends beckon for him to come outside and he follows them, leaving Hideo.

Shadowsan (V.O.): While I did not.

Flashforward. Hideo is explaining the daisho to a crowd of tourists.

Shadowsan (V.O.): Hideo held sacred the idea of Bushido, or they way of the samurai warrior.

Shadowsan pickpockets one of the tourists.

Shadowsan (V.O.): While I did not.

Shadowsan is seated at a table. Hideo brings rice and vegetables to the table.

Shadowsan (V.O.): And Hideo was content living on a scholar's wages.

Shadowsan knocks his bowl of rice to the ground and storms out of the room.

Shadowsan (V.O.): While I was not.

Shadowsan walks down a dark alleyway.

Shadowsan (.VO.): I believed I deserved better. So I chose my path.

Shadowsan hands a stolen wallet to a man, who opens a door curtain for him.

Shadowsan (V.O.): To earn my stripes, I boasted of stealing something of great value. So, I made it my mission to steal the daisho.

Shadowsan removes the long katana from the case and stares at his reflection in the blade.

Shadowsan (V.O.): At that moment, I knew I had made a profound error in judgement.

Hideo is seen behind him, holding the short katana up with trembling hands.

Shadowsan (V.O.): Hideo warned that I would have to take it from him. I knew that he meant it.

Shadowsan runs away with the long katana.

Back in the present.

Shadowsan: Separating the two halves of the daisho separated the two of us... irreparably. In the event that I fail to return, please ensure that my brother receives this.

Carmen: You're going in there alone and unarmed? Where are they keeping it?

Shadowsan: In a V.I.L.E. stronghold in heart of Tokyo. Club Dokuso... a notorious den of hoodlums.

In Club Dokuso, a waitress wheels a cart and serves tea to the patrons, stealing their swords as she does so.

Shadowsan (V.O.): If the short sword is not hidden in its storeroom, it will be found within the club itself.

Dokuso: We have stirred up trouble for our ex-colleague, but we must not let our guard down.

Yakuza Goon 1: We outnumber him and outweigh him, and we are armed. What can one man do?

Waitress: Haido zo.

Yakuza Goon 2: I heard he once took down a dozen rivals using only a pair of chop sticks.

Yakuza Goon 3: Ha! That's just legend, a fairy tale!

Dokuso: Believe everything you have ever heard about Shadowsan.

The waitress disappears into the kitchen.

Dokuso: New girl! Where is my coffee?

"Suspicious Minds" starts playing.

Yakuza Goon 3: We're caught in a trap / I can't walk out / Because I love you too much, baby / Why can't you see / What you're doing to me? / When you don't believe a word I say.

Shadowsan: An old friend has stopped by to say hello.

Karaoke: We can't go on together / With suspicious minds.

A yakuza goon gasps.

Karaoke: Suspicious minds.

The goons reach for their swords.

Yakuza Goon 1: Huh? Nani?

Yakuza Goon 2 gasps.

Yakuza Goon 2: My sword!

In the hallway, Ivy takes off her wig and lifts the table cloth off the cart. Carmen comes out with the goons' swords and gives them to Ivy.

Carmen: You know where to toss them.

Ivy: Down the garbage chute, hai!

Carmen runs off.

Ivy: Along with these clogs. Who walks in these?

Back in the club, Shadowsan grabs the hilt of his katana and approaches the goons.

Karaoke: Here we go again.

Yakuza Goon 1: You cannot take all of us.

Shadowsan takes his katana out and holds it out with both hands.

Shadowsan: Do you really think I would ever dishonor this sacred blade by using it upon the likes of you?

Shadowsan sets the katana down.

Yakuza Goon 1: Arrogant fool!

Yakuza Goon 1 yells and charges at Shadowsan.

Karaoke: Suspicious minds.

Shadowsan grabs the yakuza goon and launches him at a table. The goon lands with a grunt.

Karaoke: ... build our dreams ...

Dokuso: Get him! Now!

The other two goons yell and charge at him.

In the storeroom, Carmen's tracker beeps. The beeping becomes rapid and zeroes in on a crate.

Carmen: Konnichiwa.

She lifts the crate lid and finds Paper Star holdind the short sword inside.

Paper Star: Boo! Pop goes Paper Star!

Carmen knocks down a crate and folding fans spill out. They both pick up and brandish fans.

Carmen: Bring it, fan girl.

Paper Star charges at Carmen and they spar. Carmen throws her fans at Paper Star, who dodges. Carmen jumps on her back and takes the sword from her.

Carmen: Lose something?

Paper Star growls. Carmen jumps onto a windowsill and aims her grappling hook at a neighboring building. Paper Star grunts and grabs onto her ankle. They both grunt as they land on a roof.

In the club, Shadowsan takes out Yakuza Goon 2 using a pair of chopsticks. The goon grunts as he falls to the ground. Shadowsan picks up his katana.

Dokuso: A present for me?

Shadowsan: On the contrary, I believe that you have one for me.

Shadowsan groans and falls to the ground.

Dokuso: Yes, I coated the chopsticks with an absorbent toxin, designed to permeate the skin.

Shadowsan lets go of the katana and it clatters to the ground. He groans and collapses with a thud.

On the roof, Carmen awakens with a groan. She grunts, noticing Paper Star as she rises, and takes off. A rooftop chase ensues. Noticing she is out of paper stars, Paper Star growls. Carmen stops at the edge of a building. Cars honk below.

Paper Star: Too bad I shred your pretty glider.

Carmen: Careful, now. I'm the one here with the cutting implement.

Paper Star: In my world, paper beats steel.

Paper Star grabs an overhead paper lantern and begins to fold is. She shudders when she finds it is covered in glue.

Paper Star: Ugh! Hey! What's going on?

Carmen: Looks like baby bear got her paw stuck in the honey pot.

Zack: Glue party!

From above, Zack chuckles as he releases the string of lanterns, which fall and bind Paper Star. She grunts, trying to free herself and hopping after Carmen.

Paper Star: Whoa!

Paper Star falls with a grunt.

Shadowsan awakens on the ground, groaning. He tries to reach for the sword beside him.

Dokuso: Yes, you're fading.

Dokuso kicks the katana aside. Shadowsan groans.

Dokuso: The toxins currently coursing through your veins mimic those of the pufferfish, which paralyzes its victims.

Shadowsan groans, still trying to reach the katana.

Dokuso: The effects are temporary, but by the time they wear off, you will be missing your head.

Shadowsan grunts.

Dokuso: So terribly foolish of you to believe that you could stroll into my club like a samurai.

Shadowsan: I am no samurai. I am the decoy.

Behind Dokuso, Carmen unsheathes the short katana. Dokuso reaches for Shadowsan's katana, now in his grasp, but his grip is too strong. She throws down a dust bomb and escapes.

Carmen: Big and little, together again.

Shadowsan sighs in relief.

Dokuso briefs V.I.L.E. Faculty.

Dokuso: Give us more time. We will bring you both swords.

Maelstrom: The sword was one way to draw out Shadowsan, not the only way. We will cross paths with him again.

Dokuso: But if you would only allow us to—

Maelstrom: Sayonara.

Paper Star yells.

The light clicks off in Matusmoto Castle. Hideo is about to close his doors when he notices both katanas in the case. He gasps.

Hideo: Huh.

Hideo runs to the case.

Hideo: H-How?

Shadowsan is knelt in prostration.

Shadowsan: I do not expect your forgiveness. I only ask that you allow me to correct this grave dishonor.

Hideo walks away.

Zack, Ivy, and Carmen wait at a train station.

Zack: Think he'll show?

Carmen: A part of me hopes that he doesn't.

The train arrives. The door dings and opens. Carmen is about to enter when she notices Shadowsan in her periphery.

Carmen (V.O.): I'm not sure what's worse, not knowing your own family or... not being able to return to the family you know. Shadowsan chose a road, and there's no turning back.

Japanese music plays.