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The Daisho Caper is the third episode episode of season two and the twelfth episode overall of the 2019 Netflix series.


When Team Red head to Japan, Shadowsan attempts to confront the ghosts of his past after he had stolen a Daisho sword from a pair that was in a museum and prepares to return what he had stolen years ago. Meanwhile, V.I.L.E sends Lady Dokuso and Paper Star in as their operatives.

When Carmen and her crew set off to Japan, V.I.L.E. sets a trap by stealing a priceless samurai sword from a castle.


Years ago when Carmen Sandiego was still a child, Shadowsan taught her about the history of Japan, and the legend that it was created by droplets from a spear.

When she grew older and asked about the story, Shadowsan gave her the truth: Japan was formed by the noble Samurai, not magic.

Carmen remembers these moments as she wakes up in Matsumoto, Japan. After the team discovers that Shadowsan is missing, Carmen has an idea of where he might be: Matsumodo Castle. There, she spots the missing sword of the Daisho pair, and talks with the castle's curator. Exiting the castle, Shadowsan shows up and Carmen suspects Shadowsan was planning to steal the second one, but Shadowsan explains he was there to return it. They both go to a karaoke bar with Zack and Ivy for further deliberation.

Later, Lady Dokuso calls in Paper Star to steal the Daisho, and lead Shadowsan to them. At night, Carmen arrives at Matsumodo Castle and encounters Paper Star. She then realizes that Paper Star is only the decoy, and the Daisho have already been stolen.

Lady Dokuso reports to V.I.L.E., and they promise a seat at the Faculty room if she executes Shadowsan and Carmen successfully. The next morning, Carmen demands more information from Shadowsan, and he explains that the castles' curator is his brother, Hideo. He tells of his experience growing up with him, how he turned to a life of crime, and how they were split apart because of the Daisho.

Shadowsan then heads to Club Dokuso, a V.I.L.E. front full of criminals. Carmen and Ivy sneak in through disguises. Shadowsan then fights Dokuso's lackeys, and gets poisoned by Lady Dokuso. Immensely weakened, Shadowsan reveals that he was only the decoy.

Carmen goes into the back of the building to find the short Daisho katana, only to get ambushed by Paper Star. They move onto the rooftops, chasing each other. Carmen attempts to escape by using the Grappling Hook, but Paper Star latches on and they both crash into another rooftop. Zack traps Paper Star, and Carmen returns to Shadowsan. Both the katanas are returned to Matsumodo Castle by Shadowsan, and he deeply apologizes to Hideo and asks for forgiveness. Hideo walks away, not saying a word.

Shadowsan then arrives at the train stop where Carmen and the team are waiting for him. The team then leaves Matsumoto, Japan.


The full episode transcript can be seen here: The Daisho Caper/Transcript

In other languages[]

Language Title Meaning
Spanish Misión: Daisho Mission: Daisho
French Opération Daisho Operation Daisho
Portuguese Missão Daisho Mission Daisho
Italian Il caso del daisho The Case of the Daisho
Hebrew דאישו Daisho
Greek Επιχείρηση: Ντάισο

Epicheírisi: Ntáiso

Operation: Daisho
Thai ดาบคู่ของไดโช

Dāb khū̀ k̄hxng dịcho

Daisho Double Sword
Arabic عمليّة سرقة الدايشو

emlyt sariqat aldayshw

The Daisho Theft
Japanese 消えた刀

Kieta katana

The Vanished Sword
Korean 다이쇼 작전

daisyo jagjeon

Daisho Operation
Chinese 大小刀案件

Dàxiǎo dāo ànjiàn

The Great Sword Case



  • The thief that stole the first Daisho sword was referred to as "the dark arts", in reality, it was Shadowsan.
  • The two songs featured are "Suspicious Minds" by Elvis Presley and "More Than A Feeling" by Boston.