Carmen Sandiego Wiki

Theme music plays.

In Russia, Carmen and Shadowsan enter a government building.

Soldier: Credentials, please.

They hand over their IDs. The soldier scans them and the machine beeps.

Soldier: Thank you, general.

They walk past other soldiers.

Shadowsan (in Russian accent): As you were.

Carmen: Player, Red Hat is in Red Square.

Player: Glad to hear the IDs worked out. The server vault's on sublevel four. If our intel is accurate, VILE could already be inside.

Neal the Eel sneaks into the vault through a vent, grunting.

Neal: Whoo! Easy-peasy. Neal the Eel to Dr. Bellum. I'm in. Server 6609 located.

Dr. Bellum: Well done, Neal. You might make faculty yet.

Neal: Well, I hear there's an opening. And you know how much I enjoy worming my way into those.

Neal inserts a flash drive and the computer beeps.

Neal: Searching database. And Bob's your uncle.

Dr. Bellum: I have seven uncles, none of whom are named Bob.

Neal: It's just a turn of phrase, love. Means "I found it."

Dr. Bellum: Then say that. I'm a scientist. Colorful vernacular only serves to confuse me.

The computer beeps.

Neal: Download complete. Is that direct enough for you?

He notices Carmen and Shadowsan entering.

Neal: Do svidaniya, comrades!

Shadowsan: I will take the Eel.

Carmen: I'll take the server.

Carmen inserts her lipstick flash drive into the computer.

Carmen: Player, uplink's live. See if you can retrace Neal's slimy trail.

Shadowsan chases after Neal, grabbing onto his arm.

Neal: Ah, Instructor Shadowsan. When they told me you defected over to the red side, I didn't realize they meant Russia.

Shadowsan: I will take the data.

Neal: You will try.

Neal slips out of his grasp.

Neal: Butterfingers!

Neal laughs.

Shadowsan grabs him, grunting.

Neal: Oh, pretty slick. But I'm slicker!

Neal slips out his grasp again and knocks him to the ground. Shadowsan grunts.

Shadowsan: Aah!

Neal: Hey, get a grip! Do you mind if I vent?

Neal escapes through the vent, cooing.

Shadowsan growls.

At Carmen Brand Outerwear, Zack bangs a hammer into wood planks while Ivy caulks something. Player briefs Carmen and Shadowsan.

Player: It took some serious decrypting, but I pinpointed what VILE was after. Technical specs for an experimental electromagnetic pulse generator, codenamed, "Trip Wire." The Russian government attempted to design the next generation of EMP device, long-range with ultimate pinpoint accuracy.

Carmen: Attempted to?

Player: Yep, they couldn't crack it, so Trip Wire was shuttered.

Shadowsan: Dr. Saira Bellum thrives on solving the unsolvable.

Carmen: And if she manages to engineer a working prototype from the stolen plans, VILE will possess the means of disabling any electrical grid in the world from anywhere at any time.

Ivy: As in cause instant blackouts?

Carmen: Create power outages that would shut down security systems and allow VILE to steal from the cover of darkness.

Player: Sounds like the ultimate crackle rod. Any chance the electrician formerly known as Crackle is involved?

Shadowsan: Crackle has no memory of ever being associated with the Villains International League of Evil.

Carmen: My old classmate Gray suffers from amnesia, which we now know was caused by Dr. Bellum.

Player: Fair enough. So, what's the caper?

Carmen: What else? We disable Dr. Bellum's prototype before she can use it and delete the plans so she can't rebuild it.

Shadowsan: Judging from the involvement of Neal the Eel, Dr. Bellum's base of operations for this project would most certainly be her laboratory in New Zealand.

Zack: Yes! Back to Australia!

Ivy: Throw another shrimp on the barbie, mate!

Player: Dudes, New Zealand is actually a completely different country.

Zack: Hold on. It's not the capital of Australia? Pfft, news to me.

Ivy: You sure? They're both down under.

Player: Technically, I guess. But, yeah, I'm sure.

Shadowsan: I must caution you. The laboratory is Dr. Bellum's highest security facility.

Player: Shadowsan's not kidding. I just pulled it up on the VILE hard drive. The place is a fortress. To even get near Dr. Bellum's computer lab, you'd have to cross a series of four electrical fields with a fail-safe. If more than one field is deactivated at any given time, the entire building goes into lockdown.

Zack: But we have our own ninja. Ninjas can go anywhere they want, right?

Shadowsan: Moving unseen among shadow is one thing. Passing through high-voltage electricity, entirely another.

Player: Dr. Bellum's lab does have one vulnerability. It draws all its power from a nearby electrical substation. If we get into the substation, we can manually shut down the fields, grid by grid.

Carmen: So my movements would need to be perfectly synchronized, like a dancer.

Ivy: Or else crispy, fried Carmen.

Zack: What's the problem? Player has wicked awesome gamer reflexes.

Player: We can't risk the server lag or any voltage spikes that might blow a fuse. We would need someone on site who really knows their electric.

Shadowsan: Crackle was the finest criminal electrician VILE ever had.

Carmen: Gray's out of the game. We can't pull him back in.

Player: Not even to play for the good guys? We know he has stage lighting experience.

Ivy: Whoa, are we breaking into a lab or putting on a show?

Carmen: If Dr. Bellum were to lay eyes on Gray, his safety would be compromised.

Player: Two completely different locations, remember? Problem solved.

Carmen (sighing): Alright. We'd need a cover story. Gray can't know what he's actually doing.

Zack: What?

Ivy: How do we pull that off?

Carmen: Like you said, Ivy, we put on a show.

Player (V.O.): Located way down in the southern hemisphere, New Zealand is made up of two main islands and about 600 smaller ones.

Carmen (V.O.): The country is so remote, it was actually one of the last land masses on our planet settled by humans.

A sheep bleats.

Player (V.O.): Whoa! And sheep, apparently. About 30 million sheep live on the islands.

Carmen (V.O.): You're not pulling the wool over our eyes.

A sheep bleats again.

Carmen (V.O.): That amounts to nearly six sheep for every Kiwi.

Player (V.O.): The fruit?

Carmen (V.O.): No, the people. New Zealanders proudly refer to themselves as "Kiwis," named after the native flightless bird that's their national symbol.

Zack (V.O.): So you're saying New Zealand really isn't in Australia?

Carmen (V.O.): That's right, Zack. It's its own country. Over 1,000 miles southeast of the Australian continent.

Carmen, Zack, and Ivy are shown on a plane.

Zack: Then why are we flying to Australia?

Carmen: To wrangle our electrician.

Gray is drinking coffee across from the Sydney Opera House. Carmen approaches.

Gray: You're late.

Carmen: Fashionably, I hope. I'm sorry I stood you up, Gray.

Gray: Um, it's--

Carmen: Graham. Right. Look, I was called away on business at the last minute.

Gray: What kind of business?

Carmen: I run an international charity for abandoned children. In fact, that's the reason I came to see you today.

Gray: Oh?

Carmen: I am sponsoring a big fundraiser in Auckland, New Zealand, this week. Selections from Swan Lake.

Gray: Tchaikovsky. I've lit a few Russian ballets at the old Sydney Opera House.

Carmen: Fortunately for me, our lighting technician dropped out, and I'm hoping you can help.

Gray: On one condition. You have that cuppa with me afterwards.

Carmen: I'll have the foundation book you a flight.

Carmen walks away.

Carmen (V.O.): All right, crew, let's review. We fly into Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, which happens to boast its most famous skyline, thanks to the Sky Tower. Dr. Bellum's lab is located just outside city limits, not that Gray will ever know it exists. He'll be doing his part entirely from the nearby electrical substation, which we will lead him to believe is the backstage entrance of the children's theatre. This way, VILE never sees Gray, and Gray never sees VILE, the reason we opted to have Shadowsan remain at HQ.

Carmen, Zack, and Ivy are shown on a plane.

Zack (gasping): He's waiting for the cable guy?

Carmen (chuckling): No. Gray only knows Shadowsan from his time at VILE Academy. Who knows what hidden memories spotting the face of any VILE instructor could trigger?

Player: And we can't risk awakening any memories or criminal impulses, especially not while Carmen's fate is in Gray's hands.

Carmen (V.O.): Gray will operate a lighting board from his control booth, shutting down Dr. Bellum's surveillance cameras and security systems, including the notorious electrical fields, one by one and in sequence, all while under the illusion that he's controlling the stage lighting of a live theatrical performance of Swan Lake.

Player (V.O.): His cue sheets will be timed to a prerecorded ballet, the one you'll be hearing in your earpiece as you pirouette your way through Dr. Bellum's gauntlets.

Carmen (V.O.): As a safety net, Gray will be in constant communication with the stage manager of the ballet, an efficient but friendly Kiwi we'll call "Peter."

Player (in New Zealand accent): Hello, guys. Peter here.

Carmen (V.O.): And when the big show's over?

Player (V.O.): We tell Crackle the crowd's demanding an encore and have him switch off the grid in reverse order so our swan can take flight.

Gray arrives at the substation, where Carmen is waiting for him.

Carmen: Graham, ready to rock?

Gray: Anything for the kiddos.

Carmen: Good. Curtain's at 8:00, and I'm needed in wardrobe.

Later that night, Dr. Bellum and Neal watches the Trip Wire generator in her lab, electricity crackling and machines whirring.

Dr. Bellum: Tonight is the night, Neal. We are nearly ready to beta test.

Player cracks his knuckles. He clicks on a file and his computer beeps.

Player: Cue music.

An orchestra begins to tune their instruments.

Player (in New Zealand accent): Okay, Graham, you're on.

Gray puts on his headphones.

Player: Remember, timing is everything.

Carmen sneaks into Dr. Bellum's lab as Gray gradually shuts down the security systems. Carmen closes the door behind her, the lock clicking.

Carmen: Player, Red Swan is in. En route to secure sublevel.

An elevator dings as Carmen enters it and dings again as she exits. She arrives at the sublevel. The electrical fields crackle.

Carmen: Red Swan has arrived at shock corridor.

Player: Copy that.

He flicks a switch.

Player (in accent): Okay, mate, fade up centre stage on "Dance of the Little Swans."

Gray: Opera, ballet... Here's hoping the next gig involves stadium rock.

"Dance of the Little Swans" plays. Carmen makes her way through the electrical fields in time with Gray's operating and the music. Afterward, a crowd applauds. Carmen sighs.

Carmen: A nearly electrifying performance.

She arrives at the server vault and inserts her flash drive into the computer.

Carmen: And we're live.

Player: Okay, searching for Project Trip Wire files.

His computer chirps.

Player: Located. Scrubbing database. And goodbye stolen tech.

Carmen: Off to find Dr. Bellum's prototype.

As she exits the server vault, Carmen runs into Neal.

Neal: Of all the sheep in New Zealand to wander in, it had to be a black sheep.

Carmen grunts as Neal knocks her off her feet. Carmen runs and Neal slides after her, grabbing her ankle and bringing her down again.

Carmen: Aah!

Neal: Remember me? Neal. You were the island mascot. And I was class of-- Oh!

Carmen kicks at him and Neal grunts. He kicks her down.

Neal: How did you slip in here anyway? You part eel?

Carmen: Player, time for that encore.

Carmen rushes at Neal, grunting as she shoves him into the glass partition. Neal groans.

Player (in accent): Okay, Graham, curtain call for "Dance of the Little Swans."

Gray: Already?

Player (in accent): I know, right? Crowd's going wild!

"Dance of the Little Swans" plays as Gray manipulates the electrical fields. Carmen grunts as she pushes Neal through them with her. Neal grunts.

Neal: Are you mad? You'll fry us both!

Carmen grunts and jumps backward. Electricity crackles as Gray sends the fields up, separating her from Neal.

Carmen: Hold faders now.

Player (in accent): Graham, lock faders in current position.

Gray: Wait, what?

Carmen: I'd stay put unless you wanna be an electric eel.

Neal: Slick.

In the substation, static crackles over Gray's screen.

Gray: Peter, there's something wrong with my feed.

Player (in accent): Technical difficulties, mate. Please stand by. And don't touch those faders.

Static crackles. The crowd applauds and the curtain falls.

Gray: Wait. Is this a recording? Why have I been lighting a pre-recorded performance? Peter?

Peter (in accent): Uh, there's a perfectly logical explanation. Just sit tight, Graham. Graham?

Gray's empty seat is shown.

Dr. Bellum: Neal, we are ready to launch. Neal? Oh, where did that sea snake slither off to?

Gray exits the substation.

Gray: Carmen!

He eyes the lab.

Gray: Must be the main stage.

Carmen: Player, I'm warm. How's the ballet?

Player: Uh, on indefinite intermission. Our lighting tech walked.

Carmen: What?

Player: Zack and Ivy are combing the grounds for him.

Carmen: Find him. I'm too close to turn back now.

Dr. Bellum comes across Neal trapped between the electrical fields.

Neal: Uh... Bob's your uncle?

Dr. Bellum: And who would be my auntie?

She disables the fields, letting him out.

Neal: Carmen Sandiego. And she took off that way.

Gray enters the room as they run off.

Gray: Carmen? Carmen?

Dr. Bellum and Neal approach two guards.

Dr. Bellum: Red alert! We have an intruder?

Carmen locates Trip Wire and is about to grab it.

Gray: Carmen?

Dr. Bellum: Sandiego!

Carmen runs towards Gray.

Gray: Uh...

He grunts as she grabs him and drags him with her.

Gray: What kind of concert hall is this?

Carmen: Experimental.

Neal arrives at the Trip Wire lab.

Dr. Bellum: If that's the game she wishes to play, raise the sphere.

He presses a button to activate Trip Wire, which rises through an opening in the ceiling.

Dr. Bellum: Carmen Sandiego will surrender, or tonight will come to be known as the night the lights went out in Auckland.

Carmen and Gray sneak through the hallways of Dr. Bellum's lab. Two guards notice them. One powers up their crackle rod.

Carmen: Stay down.

Carmen launches herself at the guard, knocking them down. She grunts as she takes the second one down. A crackle rod slips from the first guard's grasp and lands in front of Gray. Carmen watches him regard it.

Neal: Thought you could give old Neal the slip, eh?

Carmen rushes at Neal. They both grunt. Neal grabs her and presses his hands against the back of her neck, locking her in place.

Neal: Little known fact: this eel has quite the grip.

Carmen grunts. Suddenly, electricity zaps as Neal is shocked. He releases Carmen.

Neal: Aah!

Neal falls to the ground, revealing Gray holding the crackle rod. He tosses it aside.

Gray: You don't run a children's charity.

Carmen smiles and grabs his arm, dragging him behind her.

Carmen: I'll explain over that coffee.

They run up a stairwell.

Carmen: Zack, Ivy, bring the car. Graham's ready for pickup.

Zack and Ivy watch as Trip Wire rises, electricity crackling.

Zack: Uh, Carm, we may have a bigger problem.

Dr. Bellum (over PA): Carmen Sandiego, surrender, or I will discharge an electromagnetic pulse from my very own Sky Tower, one that will disable every shred of technology in Auckland. Hospitals, emergency services, air traffic control will all be in disarray. Only you can avert this disaster by turning yourself in.

Gray: Carmen, who is that?

Carmen: Do you recognize the voice?

Gray: Don't think so. But what are we going to do?

Carmen and Gray arrive at the rooftop, in front of the Trip Wire tower.

Carmen: Afraid of heights?

Gray: What? No.

She gives him her hand and pulls him in close.

Carmen: Hang on tight, don't let go.

Gray (screaming): Crikey!

They arrive at the top of Trip Wire, where electricity crackles.

Carmen: Can you deactivate it?

Gray: I--I'm just a lighting tech. What makes you think I know anything about industrial-grade electric?

Carmen: It's a hunch. Roll with it.

Gray: I don't even know what I'm looking at. [sighing] It won't blow up in our faces, will it?

Carmen: Focus and hurry.

Gray opens a panel, revealing wires.

Gray: I just don't... Oh, wait, what's this?

He pulls something out.

Gray: That oughta do it.

The machine powers down. Alarms blare.

Carmen offers her hand to him.

Carmen: Do you trust me?

Gray (groaning): Hang on tight, don't let go?

They hold onto each other and step off the tower.

Gray: Crikey!

Carmen opens her glider midair and they take off.

Dr. Bellum and Neal arrive at the top of the tower, watching Carmen escape.

Dr. Bellum: Very well, then. Lights out, Auckland.

When she presses her remote, Trip Wire explodes.

Dr. Bellum: And Bob's your uncle.

Carmen and Gray fly over a forest.

Carmen (exhaling): This glider isn't designed for two.

Gray: We're going down like a kiwi? Flightless bird, national symbol of--

Carmen: Brace yourself.

They both grunt as they crash onto the ground.

Carmen groans, awakening first.

Carmen: Gray?

She turns him over.

Carmen: Gray?

Gray opens his eyes.

Gray: It's Graham.

Carmen: So, how did you know how to sabotage that device?

Gray: It just felt very familiar. You ever get déjà vu?

Carmen and Gray are drinking coffee together.

Gray: Carmen, I have to know... are you a spy? Part of some kind of secret service?

Carmen: I do provide a service, and it is secret, so, yeah, something like that.

Gray: But we are the good guys?

Carmen: Absolutely. Only you need to forget this ever happened.

Gray: Pfft, no one would believe me anyway.

Carmen: I wired funds to your account for your help.

She slides him a cheque, which he unfolds.

Gray: What? H-how could you possibly get my bank account number? Crikey! Carmen, I can't accept this.

When he looks back up, she's gone.

Gray: You are a cheeky one.

Carmen walks along the harbour.

Player: So, Gray figured out there's more to Carmen than meets the eye.

Carmen: Wasn't too hard, but I'm convinced he has zero memory of VILE. And we thankfully managed to pull off our little caper without VILE ever laying eyes on Gray.

Chief and Agent Zari review footage of Carmen and Gray's coffee meeting.

Zari: This surveillance was obtained less than an hour ago in Sydney, Australia.

Chief: Find out everything you can about Carmen's friend. He may be of some use to us.

Theme music plays.