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The Crackle Goes Kiwi Caper is the seventh episode of Season 2 of the Netflix Carmen Sandiego series.


Carmen enlists an old friend's help for a high-tech heist: breaking into Dr. Bellum's New Zealand lab to disable a dangerous device.[1]


In Moscow, Shadowsan and Carmen encounter Neal the Eel at the Kremlin, but he escapes. Player learns that Neal stole schematics of "The Trip Wire", an EMP weapon, which Dr. Bellum will likely improve upon. With Neal involved, Shadowsan deduces Bellum's lab to be in New Zealand. Player urges that they need to have a skilled electrician on-site to manage the power grid hack, suggesting Crackle, despite Carmen's wish to protect Graham. Recruiting him in Sydney for 'a charity opera', they fly him to Auckland. As Graham's memories in V.I.L.E. were wiped, Shadowsan stays at their San Diego HQ, not wanting to risk triggering any V.I.L.E. memories or impulses. In the lab, Carmen deletes all Trip Wire data, but runs into Neal upon exiting. As Graham starts the "encore," he realizes the deception, enters Bellum's lab and finds Carmen mid-caper. She exfiltrates Graham to the roof, but Bellum holds Auckland hostage for her capitulation. At the roof, Graham's subconscious V.I.L.E. training allows him to sabotage the Trip Wire, which Bellum destroys upon activating. Carmen finally has coffee with Graham, content V.I.L.E. is unaware of his involvement. Elsewhere, A.C.M.E. tracks Carmen and learns about Graham, believing him to be of use.


The full episode transcript can be seen here: The Crackle Goes Kiwi Caper/Transcript

In other languages[]

Language Title Meaning
Spanish Misión: Crackle en Nueva Zelanda Mission: Crackle in New Zealand
French Opération Crackle et les Kiwis Operation Crackle and Kiwis
Portuguese Missão Centelha na Nova Zelândia Mission Crackle in New Zealand
Italian Il caso di Crackle in Nuova Zelanda The Case of Crackle in New Zealand
Hebrew הקראקל הופך לקיווי The Crackle Becomes a Kiwi
Greek Επιχείρηση: Ο Κρακλ γίνεται Κίουι

Epicheírisi: O Krakl gínetai Kíoui

Business: Crackle Becomes Kiwi
Thai แคร็กเกิลบุกนิวซีแลนด์

Khær̆k kei lbu kniw sīlænd̒

Crackle Invades New Zealand
Arabic عمليّة كراكل في أرض الكيوي

Emlyt karakl fi 'ard alkiuii

Japanese ニュージーランドを救え

Nyūjīrando o sukue

Save New Zealand
Korean 크래클 동원 작전

Keulaekeul dong-won jagjeon

Operation Crackle Mobilization
Chinese 爆裂前往紐西蘭案件

Bàoliè qiánwǎng niǔ xī lán ànjiàn

Crackle to New Zealand Case