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This article is about the character from the 2019 animated series. You may be looking for the classic character.

Tamara Fraser, primarily known to her associates as The Chief, is the leader of the A.C.M.E. detective agency, dedicated to proving V.I.L.E.'s existence and capturing Carmen Sandiego. She, much like V.I.L.E, prefers acting in the shadows so that other organizations, such as Interpol or local enforcement, do not interfere, or so that V.I.L.E does not take any countermeasures.


The Chief more often than not communicates to her agents via the A.C.M.E spy pen rather than in person. When using the pen, she retains her actual in-person looks but appearing blue instead.

In person, she is an African-American woman with buzz-cut blonde hair. She wears a gray suit uniform over a plain navy blue blouse and accessorizes with a pearl necklace, small earrings and her own A.C.M.E used to communicate with her team.


The Chief bears a rather autonomous behavior over her fellow agents and a bit of humor as she fooled Chase Devineaux into believing that her hologram would make him lose his brain and "talk backwards and taste color."

She can be stern whenever her agents, particularly Chase Devineaux, mess up on their missions. Such incidents include Devineaux water-logging two ACME-issued vehicles, and getting his ACME keycard pickpocketed by Carmen, and in turn, by Paper Star. However, she isn't without a heart, as she feels concerned for Devineaux after falsely leading to believe that Carmen harmed him.

She does laud agents who complete their missions. One such scenario was when she congratulated Julia Argent, much to the envy and chagrin of Devineaux, for preserving and saving the Magna Carta and further added that Argent's job truly makes her a career maker.

The source of her disdain towards Devineaux's constant bumbling seems to stem from the mistake she made when she was an Interpol agent. When she attempted to arrest Dexter Wolfe, she shot him under the belief he was pulling out a weapon; in truth, he was pulling out his car keys, which he told her beforehand. This event has likely haunted Tamara for her entire life, which is why she takes a "no-nonsense" approach. It's also the reason she constantly reevaluates all information about Carmen Sandiego, as she doesn't wish to cause another accident like with Wolfe. From this event, she has her ACME agents carry tranquillizer gas guns to capture any criminals without accidentally killing them like what she had done to Wolfe before she created A.C.M.E.

Following Devineaux's success in Venice, however, Chief has begun placing greater trust in his capabilities as an agent, as shown by her willingness to dispatch him alone on missions (such as interrogating Graham Calloway) and well as a willingness to listen to new theories regarding Carmen Sandiego. As the series continues, her respect for Devineaux has since grown to the point where he has become one of her right-hand agents.

Upon learning she had stolen Carmen's childhood from her with the accidental murder of Wolfe, Chief felt great remorse and decided to honor a new partnership with her. To this end, she helped find Carlotta Valdez in return for V.I.L.E.

After the VILE Faculty was captured, she then told her agents worldwide to find any VILE operatives that were in hiding to arrest them.


In Interpol[]

In 1999, Tamara Fraser was a young Interpol agent, sent to arrest a thief by the name of Dexter Wolfe; who was secretly a V.I.L.E. Faculty member, and the biological father of Carmen Sandiego. She armed with her handgun accidentally killed him after she cornered and shot him as he tried to escape, she believed him to be pulling out a firearm when in reality, it was his car keys. After Wolfe's accidental murder, Fraser discovered Shadowsan on the rooftop after burning the house down and realized the existence of V.I.L.E.. Sometime after, Agent Fraser received disciplinary action (Which led to her Job employment in Interpol being terminated) and went on to found A.C.M.E. and dedicated her life to stopping covert criminal organizations.

In A.C.M.E.[]

Now the Chief of A.C.M.E., Fraser led many unsuccessful attempts to prove V.I.L.E.'s existence. She would later have suspicions that Carmen Sandiego may be connected to V.I.L.E., due to the locations she has stolen from being connected to the organization. She would recruit Chase Devineaux and Julia Argent to work for A.C.M.E. after they stumbled upon a V.I.L.E. safe house (The House that contains Stolen Cash, Stolen Bonds, Stolen Art, and the Stolen Eye of Vishnu) that was used to store many stolen items and apprehended a V.I.L.E. agent; even though they didn't get a chance to interrogate him, thanks to V.I.L.E's Debriefing Protocol.

The French Connection Caper[]

Devineaux accidentally called the chief with the communicator pen after the effects of VILE's 'Truth Extractor', After the call got through, she thought Devineaux called her to discuss non-important information, like asking more ridiculous questions (Could be told by her glare after Devineaux ask here where are the stores that allow ACME Keycard to have 10% Discount and if they sell Razor Blades, Cheese or Breath Freshener.) but she mistook Carmen for the one kidnapping Devineaux and now was targeting her for VILE Information.

The Hot Rocks of Rio Caper[]

After Devineaux woke up from his coma, he provided descriptions of Coach Brunt and Shadowsan. The Chief would then gently fire Chase Devineaux from the agency due to him needing to cool his heels back at Interpol and provide Argent with a new partner, Agent Zari.

The Stockholm Syndrome Caper[]

The Deep Dive Caper[]

Tamara Fraser makes her first in-person appearance. Carmen arranges a meeting with her, during which she gives her a "V.I.L.E. Hard Drive" but it is an ACME drive disguised as V.I.L.E. When Chief boots it up, Player hacks into ACME's database to get information about ACME. Enraged at Carmen's trick, the Chief instructs the ACME to take Carmen down. To achieve this, she contacts Devineaux, who has just been fired from Interpol and is on the brink of despair and invites him back to ACME, an invitation he accepts. Before his reinstation, however, Chief had Devineaux take a defensive driving course in the hopes of avoiding more catastrophes with ACME vehicles.

The Luchadora Tanjo Caper[]

After several weeks of inactivity from Carmen (who has since been on the hunt for her mother), ACME receives word that Carmen and her team have been sighted in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In response, Chief contacts Julia and Devineaux via her typical holographic contact. Informing them of their target's newest sightings, to Chase's triumph and Julia's despair, she dispatches them to Veracruz, informing them where an ACME car would be stationed.

But then it was a bad idea, because Coach Brunt's act on crushing the car has caused ACME more money, and it caused ACME a bit more money for Chase's Uniform to be remade.

The Day of the Dead Caper[]

In the wake of her agent's encounter with Sandiego in the wrestling arena of Lupe Peligrio, Chief speaks to Julia and Chase, the latter of which is looking worse for wear after being dragged into a fight with Coach Brunt. There, she inquires for their opinions on why Carmen had been there, yet stolen nothing, she brings up her theory that the arena appearance was intended to divert ACME's attention from a string of recent museum heists in Mexico City. When Chief questions Julia's suggestion that the ''Scarlet Superthief' was present only with innocent motivations, bringing up Player's recent hacking of ACME data, she receives Julia's that she cannot see any motivation from Carmen "to steal masterworks from museums other than dropping them back into our laps unharmed and revealing the weak links in security to the museums she borrowed them from". After telling Chase to take a walk, Chief tells Julia that she was among the finest of ACME, but only when she was committed to her tasks, but then receives Julia's response that her heart isn't in the game anymore since what she has been through with Carmen. Julia tenders her resignation from law enforcement entirely and decides to put her second degree to use by becoming an ancient history teacher, though the Chief tells her that she would always be welcome to return.

The Dark Red Caper[]

After gaining back Carmen from her brainwashing by VILE, Carmen gave the location of the Main Base of VILE, and A.C.M.E planned out a raid on the Location, with Coach Brunt, Countess Cleo, and Dr Bellum being in Maximum Security, while Professor Maelstrom and Mime Bomb in Solitary Confinement.

A.C.M.E is still searching for remaining VILE assets that are in hiding, and at the end of the show, she sends 4 Agents to an unknown museum after an uptick in Criminal Activities when the agents arrive, they see Paper Star, tied to the doors of the museum, and when they look up, they see Carmen Sandiego, standing on the roof of the building, but they do not dare to take down an ally, so they let her go, letting Carmen Sandiego, having her life with her mother back.


Family []

Allies []


Other []

In other languages[]

Language Name Meaning Voice Actor
Spanish Jefa Chief Rebeca Manriquez
French Chef Chief Jacqueline Pellisson
Dutch Chef Chief Patty Paff
Polish Szef Chief Ewa Serwa
Portuguese Chefe Chief Raquel Rosmaninho
Turkish Chief - Özlem Abachi
Italian Capo Chief Mariadele Cinquegrani
Finnish Pomo Chief Anna Asunta
German Chief - Denise Gozelanny
Romanian Chief - Olimpia Malai
Japanese チーフ


Chief 小若和郁那 (Wakana Kowaka)


Trivia []

  • Much like a couple of other recent appearances in the video games, the Chief's appearance has been modelled after the late Lynne Thigpen, who played the role in the 1991 PBS game show.
  • At the end of Season 2, it is revealed that when she was an Interpol agent she murdered Dexter Wolfe, the father of Carmen Sandiego, making her partially responsible for Carmen's upbringing.
  • It is shown that all A.C.M.E agents use nonlethal weapons like gas guns as opposed to traditional firearms. This was likely done by the Chief due to her past of mistakenly shooting Dexter Wolfe during her time in Interpol.
  • Since Carmen stole A.C.M.E. Intel, the Chief has slowly started going mad from failing to capture Carmen and all captured VILE operatives getting released.
  • She is the only character at A.C.M.E. to not be referred to by their name. "Chief" either just signifies her rank or it also doubles as a codename.
  • Chief is the only character to own a pet.
  • Despite being head of a law enforcement agency, Chief is the only character shown to kill.
    • She is also the only character to wield a firearm in the form of a handgun.