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The Case of the Crumbling Cathedral is a video game released on January 12, 2012. It is the 3rd of 5 in the Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math series of games.

The Case of the Crumbling Cathedral - Agent Creation

Agent creation


Player meets with the ACME Chief in ACME Headquarters in San Francisco, where a case is assigned. Chief dispatches Player to Moscow, specifically Saint Basil's Cathedral, where it was disintegrated into sand. Heading to Moscow, Player is told to talk to locals.

Player heads to Gorky Park solves a few puzzles. Clues lead to Cairo, Egypt. A few puzzles solving using change from coins. Finding clue,s the player goes back to Russia and the Arbat District in Moscow to meet up with a scientist. The scientist says that the cathedral was not disintegrated but shrunk by a terrible device; this device was created by his nemesis Dr. Elle Trick. Player heads to downtown dallas, Texas. Player heads into the professor's room and find clues to find a brain busting barbecue. Later at Fort Worth, they find the professor who tells them information. At a hotel room, more information is found.

In cario, player looks for more clues nad leads to the pyramids. Looking through, they find another clue and had to find the real sphinx after it was taken.

Finally, they have all the clues and it leads to the villain: Dr Depth.

Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, he is captured for stealing all the earth wodners and putting them in the ocean floor.

Mentioned villains[]

  • Dr Depth
  • Baron Wasteland