Carmen Sandiego Wiki

At Carmen Brand Outerwear, seagulls caw.

Shadowsan: I like it. Even if it does need work.

Carmen: I wouldn't put out the welcome mat just yet. The idea of even having a headquarters is too "VILE Island" for me.

Ivy: Carm, the joint's wicked humongous!

Zack: Gotta be enough room in there for a bowling alley, and a ninja training gym, for our private sessions.

Carmen's phone rings.

Player: Hey, Red, how's San Diego?

Carmen: I'm feeling a little ganged up on at the moment.

Player: I meant your location, over there on the sunny west coast of Cali-forn-i-a.

Zack: And Player can get his own room!

Player: Um, I have my own room.

Ivy: I thought he lived in the cloud?

Player: Nope, though I am hearing voice again, from the internet. And this time, they're telling me VILE's all abuzz about some kind of racing prototype.

Zack: Racing? As in car?

Ivy: Why would VILE want a race car?

Zack (gasping): Maybe it's a flying race car.

Ivy: Uh, those exist, bro, they're called airplanes.

Zack: Ah, remember our racer? She didn't actually fly, but, boy, could she--

Ivy: Vroom and zoom!

Zack: Booyah!

Shadowsan: I truly cannot fathom was possessed you to staff your crew with these unruly pranksters.

Ivy: Oh, look who's suddenly taken an interest.

Shadowsan: That is not what I meant.

Ivy: Hmm. Funny enough, it was our race car that brought us to Carmen.

Zack: Let us take you back.

Flash back. Boston.

Zack (V.O.): Clear across the country on the east coast of the good old U.S. of A. Me and Ivy grew up in the south of Boston, or "Southie" as we locals called it.

Ivy (V.O.): Not exactly a hoity-toity part of town, though some kids knew ways to get quick cash whenever they needed it.

Zack (V.O.): But me and Ivy vowed to use our superpowers for good.

Tries screech on a race track.

Zack (V.O.): Behind the wheel and under the hood.

Zack and Ivy's car wins first place. Zack exits and takes his helmet off.

Zack: Booyah!

Ivy: Vroom and zoom!

Ivy (V.O.): Lydia, our racer, was totally custom. Big sis pretty much built her with her own two hands.

Lydia's engine revs.

Ivy (V.O.): Me and my little bro moved up one race at a time, from amateur to semipro, working our way all the way up to the professional league.

Zack (V.O.): And that day was upon us, the final race of the prequalifying season.

Ivy (V.O.): All we had to do was place in the top five to make it to the upcoming regional championship, to kick our racing career to the next level.

Zack (V.O.): And start collecting that prize money.

Zack and Ivy are reviewing the course map.

Ivy: Okay, bro, stick close to the apron, it'll give you the fastest line. Except here on the final hairpin turn. They call it "The Muncher." It has a reputation for chewing up cars and spitting 'em out.

Zack: Yeah, yeah. Keep it to the outside perimeter. I got it, sis.

Trey: Excuse me, are you two lost? Just asking, 'cause you're a long way from the amateur track.

Trey chuckles.

Ivy (V.O.): Meet Zack's nemesis. Trey Sterling.

Zack (V.O.): Rich kid, daddy's boy, and all-around jerk.

Trey: Should be fun watching you race against real cars.

Zack: You dare knock Lydia?

Trey (chuckling): You gave that shopping cart a name?

Ivy: Forget about Trey, you gotta keep your head in the game, bro. You got this.