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The Boston Tea Party Caper is the fifth episode of Season 2 of the Netflix Carmen Sandiego series.


Carmen, Ivy, and Zack reminisce about the caper that first brought them together: catching V.I.L.E. with a stash of counterfeit cash.[1]


As Carmen's team look at a building for a possible stationary HQ, they tell Shadowsan how they all met on their first heist: the Donut Shop Caper. One year ago, Zack & Ivy were a brother-sister racing team trying to earn prize money so they could get out of Southie, but after Zack loses against his rival, Trey Sterling, and busts up his car in the process, the siblings had to ask gangster Sharkhead Eddie for help, as he was the one who loaned them the money for the car. Eddie gave them a simple job, to rob a donut shop which was a front for, according to Eddie, the Mob. It was there they first encountered Carmen, who had to keep them safe as V.I.L.E. used the donut shop as a front for printing money with stolen treasury plates. V.I.L.E.'s plan was to print money as a way of buying prime real estate in Boston to expand their influence and enterprises. Despite Carmen's efforts to keep them away, the siblings still aided her in finding and destroying V.I.L.E.'s money printings, making their own tea party. Realizing they have nothing in Boston, and to avoid Eddie, the siblings opt to join Carmen on her globe trotting capers. Hearing their story, Shadowsan adds that the V.I.L.E. Faculty had no idea how dangerous Carmen was to them. Following the story, Player relays V.I.L.E.'s plan to steal the world's fastest electric car in Dubai, and the team sets out.


The full episode transcript can be seen here: The Boston Tea Party Caper/Transcript.

In other languages[]

Language Title Meaning
Spanish Misión: Motín del té Mission: Tea Riot
French Opération Boston Tea Party Operation Boston Tea Party
Italian Il caso del Boston Tea Party The Case of the Boston Tea Party
Portuguese Missão Festa do Chá de Boston Boston Tea Party Mission
Hebrew מסיבת התה של בוסטון Boston Tea Party
Arabic عمليّة حفلةِ شاي بوسطن

emlyt hflt shay biwstn

Boston Tea Party Process
Greek Επιχείρηση: Κίνημα του τσαγιού της Βοστόνης

Epicheírisi: Kínima tou tsagioú tis Vostónis

Operation: The Boston Tea


Thai ปาร์ตี้ชาแห่งบอสตัน

Pār̒tī̂ chā h̄æ̀ng bxs̄tạn

Boston Tea Party
Japanese ボストン茶会事件


Boston Tea Party Event
Korean 보스턴 티 파티 작전

boseuteon ti pati jagjeon

Operation Boston Tea Party
Chinese 波士頓茶黨案件

Bōshìdùn chá dǎng ànjiàn

Boston Tea Party Case