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The Big Bad Ivy Caper is the second episode of Season 4 of Carmen Sandiego.


While Zack stays home with Shadowsan, Carmen and Ivy off to Bavaria to track a vicious villain and a stash of stolen gold.


After the events in China, Team Red is in their Headquarters resting. Shadowsan is recuperating his leg. Player tells Carmen that his parents sent him to public school because they think he is spending too much time in his room. Before he leaves to start school, he books tickets for them to Bavaria, Germany to deal with the next caper according to CrimeNet. At VILE Headquarters, Dr. Saira Bellum provides an update to the rest of the faculty; she is building robots but a demonstration goes awry as Roby malfunctions.

Player is at school and he is introduced to a class. He says his name is Player but his teacher Mr. Humphrey tells him to use his real name, instead of his gamertag. His gadgets beep, forcing him to go to his locker to put them away, while he provides recon research to the team; this mission finds Carmen and Ivy in a big city to find the stolen gold bullion stored somewhere where a person named Madame Goldlove intends to smuggle them out. Shadowsan is out of commission due to his leg and has Zack to accompany him.

In a town square, Ivy sees Dash Haber and attracts his attention; however, she does not know the reply phrase she needs to say. The real Madam Goldlove appears with her bodyguard Hugo. Carmen baits the correct phrase out of her, and tells Ivy. Ivy and Dash Haber enters a factory where they plan to smuggle the gold; the gold is being formed into figurines and poured choclate over them so they appear to be food. Carmen sneaks into the factory but is taken captive by Hugo. The real Madame Goldlove appears and Ivy's cover is blown. A small fight sequence occurs, and Ivy had thrown some goons into the vat of chocolate. Goldlove nearly has Carmen thrown into another vat when they hears police sirens; they are forced to flee. The police clear the place and take note of things.

The next morning, Carmen and Ivy bond over some drinks about their adventure.

Graham recovering some of his memories, wanders the streets and confused. He calls a number 43795255, a number associated with V.I.L.E. but is still befuddled when he calls. Maelstrom tells him to wait for someone to pick him up.



  • This is the second time Carmen Sandiego visited Bavaria. She had came to Bavaria in the Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? episode Rules of the Game where she had stolen Neuschwanstein Castle, which was mentioned by Player in this Netflix episode.
  • Dr. Bellum's robot robber may be a nod to Robo-Crook, a villain from the Where In The Word Is Carmen Sandiego? game show.
  • This is the first time Player is seen outside of his room, albeit in school.
    • This is the first time Player is seen in normal lighting since the two-parter episodes of the series.
  • The movie series that Zack and Shadowsan watched, Rouge Vendetta, is an obvious parody of The Fast and the Furious series as two of the characters resemble Dominic Torretto and Luke Hobbs.