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The Beijing Bullion Caper is the first episode of Season 4 of Carmen Sandiego.


V.I.L.E. plots to kidnap a dignitary who manages China's largest gold reserve, setting the stage for a high-flying battle at a Beijing opera house.


Team Red is ready to embark on another caper, while in the Harpa concert hall in Iceland, Graham Calloway is providing lighting support for a play, when two A.C.M.E. agents come in and take him away for interrogation.

Right after the events of the attempted theft of the Crown Jewels, Roundabout is bailed out of jail and brought to V.I.L.E. Academy. He is led by the Cleaners and Dr. Maelstrom where Neal the Eel is being mind wiped by Saira Bellum. However, the machine malfunctions due to Scotland's climate shorting out Dr. Bellum's equipment. Dr. Bellum leaves to go to her lab in the Himalayas, allowing Roundabout and Neal to be spared from a memory wipe and Roundabout is allowed one last chance to prove himself with a caper in Beijing.

In China, Team Red is in position to deal the next caper. Their destination is the Forbidden City in Beijing. Turns out, Huang Li, manager of the gold bouillons in China's largest bank, is actually with his daughter Xifeng and a bodyguard in the Forbidden City on a private tour of the place. Neal the Eel and Lady Dokuso are the V.I.L.E. agents on scene with the objective to kidnap him in order to force him to turn over the bouillion, which Shadowsan says a portion can fund their crimes for years. Lady Dokuso sneakily shoots a bug onto the bodyguard, who scratches the wound that causes a big allergic reaction that forces the body guard to get help for himself. There she poisons some tea right before a chiese tea ceremony for Huang Li, while Carmen fights Neal the Eel and is saved when Xifeng steps in and scares him off.

In an interrogation room, a pen is activated to bring the Chief in to question him. However, Gray had maintained that he did not remember anything at all. Later on, the Chief orders an experimental method to help him rejuvenate his memories.

They stop her father from drinking the tea and realize the next time he will be vulnerable Is when both put on a performance in the famous Peking opera in the next day. Vile Faculty assign Mime, and Neal to this task. At the backstage prep area for Huang Li, Mime walks and wipes some lipstick on the body guard, which knocks him out and Neil puts him in a bin and hides him. Lady Dokuso had swapped out a makeup for the show and this causes Huang to be knocked out and taken captive.

Mime Bomb takes his place on stage, but was immediately detected by Xifeng and Carmen as fake. Thus Team Red immediately used bait by dressing Zack as Huang Li in costume and then drive a van to force Neel the Eel to momentarily stop his van and be distracted. There they switch Zack with Huang Li. When Neal arrives at a base, Zack breaks out and escapes.

Meanwhile, Shadowsan is facing off Lady Dokuso when they fall off a building. Dokuso is forced to flee. Shadowsan greatly hurts his leg and is brought to safety by Zack and Ivy, requiring a cast.

Xifeng and Huang Li catch up after seeing her dad rescued. They rush back to the opera house so he can put on a performance. At the same time, Xifeng performs her aerobatic skills.

Lady Dokuso and Mime Bomb report back their failure, and Malestrom has Roundabout taken to the dungeons. Meanwhile, Neal has stowed away on a fishing boat in order to escape.