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The African Ice Caper is the ninth episode of Season 2 of the Netflix Carmen Sandiego series.


After recovering from her icy ordeal, Carmen travels to Botswana to bust up an illegal diamond mining operation.[1]


Carmen's team admit her to a hospital for treatment, then move her to HQ while Shadowsan completes her missions as she recovers. Meanwhile, Devineaux analyzes all of Carmen's past capers, realizing the only anomaly is an island in the Canary Islands with no data. As Carmen works to recover, she heads to Botswana, which Player connects to an illegal diamond mining operation. Meanwhile, V.I.L.E. operative "Roundabout" informs Maelstrom of Shadowsan's involvement on a mission, compromising their mining operation. As Carmen's team discover the operation's extent and locate Brunt, Tigress corners Carmen until Zack and Ivy help to subdue her. Carmen calls the Chief for help, and Player transmits a visual of the Chief to Shadowsan, who recognizes her. As the authorities raid the mine, they narrowly escape a trap, giving "proof" to V.I.L.E. of Carmen's collusion with A.C.M.E. On a train to the airport, Carmen promises Chief a better outcome next time, but is later captured by Brunt and the Cleaners. Waking up, Brunt doesn't kill her, but informs her Shadowsan killed her father the night "he found her", leaving her tied-up to reel from the revelation.


The full episode transcript can be seen here: The African Ice Caper/Transcript

In other languages[]

Language Title Meaning
Spanish Misión: Diamantes africanos Mission: African Diamonds
French Opération Neige africaine Operation African Snow
Italian Il caso del ghiaccio africano The Case of the African Ice
Portuguese Missão Reluzente na África Mission Shining in Africa
Hebrew קרח אפריקאי African Ice
Greek Επιχείρηση: Αφρικανικό διαμάντι

Epicheírisi: Afrikanikó diamánti

Business: African Diamond
Thai เพชรแอฟริกา

Phechr xæfrikā

African Diamond
Arabic عمليّة الماس الأفريقي

emlyt almas al'afriqii

African Diamond Process
Japanese アフリカのダイヤを守れ

Afurika no daiya o mamore

Protect the African Diamond
Korean 아프리카의 다이아몬드 작전

Apeulikaui daiamondeu jagjeon

Operation African Diamond
Chinese 非洲鑽石案件

Fēizhōu zuànshí ànjiàn

African Diamond Case