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Split Up is the 11th episode of Season 1 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


When Carmen steals the entire Island of Mount St. Michel, Zack and Ivy split up to capture her in their own separate ways. Carmen Sandiego is in France. Zack and Ivy are on her tail to the Mont St Michel. Zack is at ACME headquarters and activates the Zack Attack 10,000 trapping Carmen's vehicle. When he arrives and gives news to reporters, he lowers the cage to discover it was Ivy captured. She had been the one who was attempting to capture Carmen but got caught in the trap.

The pair are in a fray of a relationship; each one are trying to prove to each other that they individually are the better detective and that they can catch Carmen by themselves. At the point, they are going to work on cases in competition or sorts.

They track clues to Vinci, Italy, the home of the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci. There they explore but have to hide because Dr. Sarah Bellum enters with one of her machines. She steals an item and heads out to an aircraft. Ivy hangs on and boards it as it departs, leaving Zack behind. On the plane, she steals a parachute and jumps down into a field and asks Player to send in a detective and speaks Italian. An agent named Marco arrives on a motorcycle and they leave together.

At ACME headquarters, the Zack attack 10,000 is supposed to be online. He uses the robot arm and analyzes it and it leads to a Bodhi Tree that was used by Buddha.

Ivy heads there after the translation was used but is taken captive by the henchmen.

Zack discovers items removed from his journal and that is related to thinkers he had admired. A contact by Ivy to Zack reveals background clues to Antarctica, and he used satellite images to determine on bit did nto move so he knows it is there.

Using the C5 corridor, Zack arrives, and helps his sister climb a wall on the Castle. Carmen had hacked into the Zack attack system in order to eventually break into the system and take control. They get into the castle and together they use the existing items to overpower the robots and use it against Sarah Bellum. Carmen escapes the castle. In the end, Zack and Ivy mend their differences and acknowledge they make a great team.


  • San Francisco
  • France
  • Vinci, Italy
  • Antarctica


  • Leonardo da Vinci items.
  • Tree used by Buddha.
  • Jules Verne work
  • Snow and Ice cavern


  • Marco
  • Carmen
  • Zack
  • Ivy
  • Chief



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