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"School is going to be cool"

Sonia was a young and talented thief who aided Carmen and her crew in one of their capers.


Sonia was a young orphan in Mexico, whose parents had passed away. She was a skilled thief and began working for Marta Contreras, a high end art collector who trafficked in stolen artworks for V.I.L.E., who had Sonia steal paintings from museums in Mexico in order to sell to wealthy clients.

Upon attempting to steal Frida Khalo's Self Portrait with Monkey from a museum, she ran into Carmen, who attempted to stop her; but Sonia managed to escape with the painting, or so she believed. Upon returning to Marta, they discovered the painting had been replaced with a fake. Marta questioned Sonia about her offer to enroll in a "vocational school", a.k.a. V.I.L.E. Academy, believing she was meant for more. However, Sonia believed it wasn't for her and went home. At her house, she had set up an altar for her deceased parents, containing a birthday photo from when she was a baby. Carmen sneaked into the house and attempted to talk to her, saying she understood what it was like to grow up without a real family, Sonia, however, didn't want to listen and left, with Carmen following.

As they walked, Sonia used her talents to swipe items from nearby people, which Carmen promptly returned using her own skills. Carmen advised her that there are other ways to earn a living, but Sonia claimed that stealing pays well and doesn't hurt anyone, to which Carmen retorted that stealing in fact does hurt people. When Sonia revealed that Marta wanted her to attend V.I.L.E. Academy, Carmen attempted to dissuade her, saying that they would lead her down the wrong path. Sonia realized that Carmen had attended the academy, and now wished to join, wanting to learn the same skills Carmen has. Carmen stated that the academy would eventually force her to cross a line she couldn't uncross, but Sonia ignored her and went on her way.

Later, Marta called her back, inquiring about her decision, to which Sonia stated she was going to attend. At dawn, Sonia was driven to a plane, at which Spin Kick and Fly Trap were there to transport her to the academy. Upon boarding, she saw that a tied up Carmen was also there, having been knocked out by Marta and brought onto the plane to be taken back to V.I.L.E., and seemed to be okay with it, however, as the plane took off, she untied Carmen, revealing that she was just playing along. She and Carmen battled Spin Kick and Fly trap, and she, Carmen, and her crew managed to escape with Marta's client list, which Sonia promptly swiped in order to steal the artwork back herself.


Sonia is a skilled thief, able to steal things away from people without them even noticing, such as frequently swiping one of Spin Kick's shoes.