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Skull and Double-Crossbones is the 1st episode of Season 2 and 14th episode overall of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


Zack and Ivy hook up with Jamaican detective, Jasmine, when a ghostly robbery of antique cannons takes place at Fort Charles, Jamaica.


Nighttime at Fort Charles in Port Royal, Jamaica, Carmen steals a statue from a fort while she masquerades as a pirate of local legend.

In the morning, ACME detective Jasmine looks for clues. Zack and Ivy arrive via plane and meet up with her. Together, they look for clues. A clue is dropped via a paper and bottle. Looking through the clues. They realize it refers to buildings destroyed in an earthquake years prior; Zack realizes it means the HMS Swan sunken years prior. The trio wear SCUBA gear and swim in the ocean and discover equipment near the ruins. They fight off two henchmen and a shark when Jasmine uses her oxygen tank to distract it. The see Carmen steal the ruins of the ship, which was miraculously in good condition. It gets taken away. When they get to surface. They see a green parrot land where they are. Ivy sees a henchmen and capture him; his name is Rip Shipoff. They ask him for information but are denied. The parrot speaks the word “Macau” and “Greatest private alive”.

The trio deduce it probably refers to I Ching, the greatest pirate who ever lived. Taking a C5 corridor to Macau, they arrive and determine that VILE is after a submarine to go near the Marianas Trench, the deepest place in the world. There, they board the submarine and try to warn the captain, but the pirates come and hijack it. As VILE is distracted with the sub and offload the pirate ship, ACME trio board the wooden ship and take contorl. Then the trio immediately board the ship and take back control. Zack falls into the water and clibs back up. When he knocks on the door for the control room, Carmen escapes while Ivy is distracted momentarily and takes off on a personal ship. The trio are happy that they got the items back and return to original places.

Jasmine is awarded the “ACME Detective of the Year”.


  • Message in a bottle
  • Names and ships
  • pirate


  • Fort Charles, Port Royal, Jamaica
  • Sunken city in the harbor
  • Macau
  • South China Sea
  • Ocean floor



  • What does the Japanese word “Tsunami” mean?
    • Tsunami is a Japanese word that means “overflowing wave.”
  • Queen Elizabeth of England hired Pivateers like Sir John Hawkins and Sir Francis Drake. What is a “Privateer?”
    • A Privateer was a Pirate who sacked enemy ships and shared his booty with the Queen of England.


  • Tsunami





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