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Sir Vile is one of Carmen's henchmen in "Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego?". He is a medieval knight. He often laughs evilly.

His name is a pun on "servile;" the pun is rather ironic since a servile person would be meek and obsequious, but Sir Vile is obviously a bold and bombastic knight.

Physical description

In the television series, Sir Vile's appearance differs in seasons. In Season 1, Sir Vile's skin appears purple. He wears silver armor and his helmet has spikes along the top. In Season 2, Sir Vile is more red and has black markings across his mouth. His armor is darker and more spiky. His helmet has a scary face on it and he can breath fire.

In the game, Sir Vile basically reverts to his Season 1 appearance. Here though, he's African-American with dark armor and red spikes along his helmet.


TV Show

Season 1

Sir Vile made many thieving appearances in the series, including Cartwright's Baseball Game, the Statue of Liberty, Oliver Evan's Mill, and Greek Staging Effects.

Season 2

Sir Vile's quest for thieving continued in Season 2, including the Prater, Squire's Spears, the Wilderness Road, and Gilgamesh and Mesopotamia.

Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time

When Carmen first sends Sir Vile through time with the stolen Chronoskimmer, he goes to Hatshepsut's reign in Egypt and steals the Book of the Dead, but the player and Ann Tickwitee capture him behind the hieroglyph of Amun-Ra. When Carmen breaks him back out, he goes to da Vinci's era and steals his notebooks after building and breaking a jesting machine. Together, the player and Renee Santz repair the jesting machine, save the Mona Lisa, and re-subdue Sir Vile in ACME Jail.

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  • "You hath put the lid on my dark deeds for now, ACME agents. But you shall never seal my armored coat! Ha ha ha!"
  • "Fine! I am recaptured! But do not gloat, ye ACME rogues. Lady Carmen still roams free!"