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Shaman Spirits is the 7th episode of Season 3 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? It was broadcast by Fox Family Worldwide on October 14, 1995.


A series of clues lead Zack and Ivy on an investigation that introduces them to several Native American Nations.


Carmen enters a museum to steal a Native American headdress. She uses technology to bypass security and steals an it. A bird artifact awakens and scares her into backing into a security measure, triggering the alarms. She tries to escape and uses her rope from her wrist machine, but the animal bites through it, forcing her to fall through a void, landing on a ground with tons of vegetation; its not vegetation but the nose of a large bear.

Carmen wakes up and realizes she has been having the same dream for several nights now; she overhears the TV while looking at her book that she has stolen multiple items while the reporter wonders where has she been.

In ACME headquarters in San Francisco, Ivy and Zack are briefed by the Chief about Carmen's recent theft. She had re-emerged and stole a Native American rattle from a museum in New York. Zack immediately calls Acme agent Billy Running Bird.

Ivy and Zack about rattles and the specific rattle, but Billy says he does not and tells them to ask the Haida people of Alaska. The two gumshoes use a C5 corridor to Alaska. They arrive in a downtown of a city on Prince of Wales Island. They see Carmen on a snowmobile and borrow a local resident's snowmobile and give chase. Carmen uses a massive boost on her mobile and jumps over a big truck in the road. Zack and Ivy duck and go under. Carmen reaches a dock and her snowmobile becomes amphibious while Zack and Ivy have to stop, with Zack falling into the water.

Ivy and Zack are sitting in a night MiniMart owned by John Silvermoon, who tells them that the item is a Haida holyman's rattle, and he is one. Mr. Silvermoon pulls out a bird carving that Carmen left for them. He then tells them of a story where a man once hid the moon and sun in a chest, but a raven stole them, and releasing the sun and moon back into the world. Billy immediately calls and tells them to come to the Anasazi Cave Dwellings as he has found something.

Player uses a C5 corridor to send Ivy and Zack to the Anasazi Cave Dwellings in the Southwestern United States. There, they see Carmen and she has claimed a kachina doll, and she escapes, moving the ladder. Ivy tries to follow but the ladder falls, saying she's off to steal the sun. Ivy and Zack sit with Billy and his grandmother around a fire pit. They explain that a Kachina Doll, and Carmen left a bird statue. The grandmother opens a piece of the statue, and sees a message, but refuses to tell them; as a result she gets in her car, gives Billy a cell phone, and drives off.

At the campfire, they wonder what she meant by stealing the sun and realize the sun has a lot of importance; a festival of multiple Native American tribes meet at a sun festival in South Dakota. They have Player transport them to the C5 corridor to the Black Hills of South Dakota. There they meet with a woman who says her brother GreyCloud, who had a bear statue with a message after Carmen stole his Kiowa ceremonial shield. The message said something about 7 sisters.

The woman realizes that it refers to a story about 7 sisters who fled to a tree to escape a bear; a spirit causes the tree to grow and become massive, and the 7 sisters become the 7 stars of the Dipper constellation.

Ivy realizes it is another name of the Devil's Tower Monument in Wyoming, an hour's drive. The woman loans them her brother's Jeep so they can get there.

At the Devil's Tower, Carmen is in consultation with John, Grey Cloud, and Billy's grandmother. Carmen consults them about her dreams, and how to stop them. The trio tells her that she knows best. Ivy, Zack, and Billy come and try to arrest her. Billy uses a rope to catch her but her grandmother cuts the rope and Carmen gets away. The trio explains that Carmen made a deal with them; she would return the items she stole from them, with in return they let her go. The trio honors their word of letting her go with the items returned to them.

Back at ACME headquarters, news reports indicate that Carmen Sandiego has returned the items back to their original owners and locations.

Items stolen[]

  • Native American headdress
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Elgin Marbles
  • Native American Rattle
  • Ceremonial shield


  • bird statue.
  • Bird statue in Hopi Anasazi dwellings
  • "I am off to steal the sun".
  • Bear statue with the phrase "You will find what you see where the Seven Sisters touch the sky"


  • Carmen's bedroom
  • A.C.M.E. Headquarters
  • New York (mentioned)
  • India (mentioned)
  • Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado
  • Black hills, South Dakota
  • Devil's Tower National Monument, Wyoming



  • Which of these Native American Nations makes its home in the Pacific Northwest? The Blackfeet...The Iroquois... or the Tlingit?
    • The Tlingit makes its home in the Pacific Northwest.
  • What kin d of dolls represent the good spirits that act as go-betweens from man to God for people of the Hopi Nation?
    • Kachina dolls represent the good spirits that act as go-betweens from man to God in the Hopi Nation.


  • Potlatch


  • This is the first time where Carmen Sandiego returned items.


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