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Secrets of the Silver Lion is a novel based on Carmen Sandiego Netflix series and is written by Emma Otheguy.


From the bustling streets of New York City to the cobblestones of Seville and the silver mines high in the Andes Mountains of Bolivia, Carmen is off on another quest to stop VILE in this heart-pounding caper full of twists and turns!

For centuries, the magnificent Throne of Felipe has stood with two empty spaces beside its famous silver arrow—spaces where the silver castle and lion should have been. And now, with the recent discovery of the silver castle within a secret vault in Seville, Spain, the hunt is on for the third silver icon. With all three pieces in the place, the throne will be enormously valuable—making it a hot item on V.I.L.E.'s radar. Now it's up to Carmen and crew to find the silver lion before VILE does, and protect the throne from winding up in the wrong hands.[1]


Carmen Sandiego is in New York City. She is on a caper. Her target is in a museum.

As she talks to Player, she is on the lookout. They had received word that V.I.L.E. had planned to ransack the museum. Deciding on a place to enter, she makes her way to the window and enters. Landing, she is surrounded by items VILE would love: richly woven tapestries, silver candlesticks, and elegant vases. Guided by player, Carmen makes her way to a section of the museum to their goal: the Silver Lion. Right before anything could happen, Carmen is confronted by Paper Star. Carmen runs after Paper Star throws darts, and finds a cart in a supply closet, putting the silver lion on it. She calls for backup for Zack and Ivy, and but hears two familiar villains near by: El Topo, and Le Chevre.

Carmen escapes through a window.

Ivy opened the doors at Carmen's beckon. She saw a cart with an imposing wooden throne and sees Carmen fighting Paper Star. Ivy sees El Topo and Le Chevre entering, and takes the car, running. They managed to take the cart, but Ivy calls a New York City bus, blocking the exit from the terrace.

The bus had a part that allowed the throne to be fit. The team successfully steals the silver throne.

Later, enters the museum after news broke that it had been stolen.

Carmen sees managed to walk around the museum and talk to someone. It was someone named Milagros, a curator, who had been working there for a while and insists on calling her self Milly. They discuss there a bit and had to find the silver arrow nad castle that accompanied the thorne. It means a lot of work. A ton of people had came in and talked about the theft, and were perplexed about how it occurred. Many of them created theories on how it occurred.

Carmen is ready to go to Spain when Milly asks for her name and thanks her.

Milly lead Zack, Ivy, and Carmen outside. Milly was stopped by a friend who she had known because her father was a superintendent of a building. They quickly went along. They walked and determined to find the items.

Meanwhile, on VILE Island, Paperstar walks into the faculty room and curtsy's. The faculty praises her for stealing the throne. They discuss and plan on selling it to billionaire Salvador de Burgos. H However, they had only one of the inlays, with the second in display. They had to find the third. Staff give her two tasks: Steal the Silver Castle and find the lion.

Before Carmen left the museum, Milly reported that the Archivo had moved the silver castle to a top security display case. As Carmen waits in line for a bagel, she sees news of a theft, bringing her back to the museum. Running to the museum, she and Milly meet up, bringing in Zack and Ivy.

They head to Milly's office, and make a plan, discussing, things as records were kept in the Archvo General de Indias, The General archive of the Indies (AGI). It was revealed that people at the AGI had been exploring the tunnels where the silver castle was found, an, far deeper than pluming or electrical lines. Milly remarked that it would be years before it would be fully excavated.



  • New York City
  • Vile Island
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Sevilla, Spain


  • The book was initially titled 'Adventure is Out There', suggested by the URL.
  • Since neither Shadowsan or Roundabout are mentioned in the book, the events of the book definitely took place after Season 1 and probably before 2.
  • Player's backstory is revealed in this novel, although it is not touched on in the series.

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