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Scavenger Hunt is the fourth episode of Season 2 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


Carmen gives Zack and Ivy a "clue" list of five items she plans to steal by midnight.


National Archives at the General Services Administration; Washing D.C.

Carmen Sandiego uses a craft to arrive and break in by cutting a hole in the roof. She walks into the archives and steals a Russian egg. She escapes.

In ACME headquarters, Crimene t reports in and Carmen leavs a clue. Zack and Ivy put It through Crime Net and determine that the clues point to the Russian Febrege Eggs and it is a scavenger hunt. Zack and Ivy travel to Moscow Russia. Carmen enters a museum and steals another Fabrege egg. Acme brings in 3 police but Carmen escape by having 2 hechmen slow them down. The pair follow Carmen to a clock tower. They give chase to Carmen but she uses a winged suit to escape. Zack falls over the top but gets caught by the hands of the clock; after a few minutes, ivy rescues him from the hands.

All clues together, they use a C5 corridor to Graceland in Menphis Tennessee, where they witness Carmen steal Elvis Presley's pink cadillac he had purchased for his mother. Putting clues together, the pair realize she could be in Brazil; they take a c5 corridor to the Amazonia fainforest, in Brazil and link up with Raymondo and Tatiana, prior agents they worked with.

In the safe house in the Amazon rainforest, they had hidden an artifact. However, Carmen uses the Cadillac confrted to a waterborne car to drive up and take the hidden sculpture. The four use a speedboat powered by a giant fan to give chase; they force her into several fishing areas, where the propellers get caught by the fishing nets used by the indigenous people. There Zack and Ivy are about to arrest her when carmen throws a Fabreze egg into the water, forcing Ivy to jump and catch, and Zack is scared off by a snake. Carmen escapes.

In the end, all items are returned and Ivy drives the Cadillac back to its original place.

Stolen Items[]

  • Golden figure from the Archives
  • Fabrege Egg
  • Elvis Presley's pink Cadillac given to his mother
  • Painting


  • 5 treasure hunt clues




  • Can you name the Russian goldsmith who designed beautiful eggs out of gold and silver?
    • Carl Faberge designed many beautiful gold and silver eggs back in the late 1800s.
  • Can you name a famous river delta near Cairo, Egypt?
    • The NILE is the famous river delta near Cairo Egypt.


  • ACME uses boats powered by fans in a swamp. It is seen again used by ACME agents in the 2019 Netflix series.



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