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This article is about the character from the 1994 animated series. You may be looking for her 2019 counterpart.
Sarah Bellum in Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego

Doctor Sara Bellum is a mad scientist and member of V.I.L.E. from Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?. She is Carmen Sandiego's main technical expert, responsible for creating all of the many gadgets and vehicles she uses in her heists.


She often wears goggles, has her hair short.


Sara Bellum is a highly educated scientist who uses her knowledge to a lot of things. She can invent things, and create content that are highly advanced for the time.


In Season 2 Episode 8, "When It Rains", For reasons that are never explicitly revealed, Sara decides to leave V.I.L.E. and strike out on her own as a solo criminal. To this end she steals Carmen's identity and clothes and starts committing a series of copycat crimes with the intention of pinning the blame on her former leader and friend. Her ruse was apparently so convincing that even Carmen's other henchmen were fooled by the act.

As the episode goes on, however, Zack and Ivy quickly notice that "Carmen's" recent string of thefts is becoming increasingly more sloppy and destructive, leaving a lot more collateral damage behind, as well as her sudden tendency to cackle evilly. All things that the true Carmen would never do.

Later on, in "Follow My Footprints", she's shown to be back in V.I.L.E.'s ranks. It is possible that she might be pretending to help Carmen or she has reformed.



  • Her name is a pun on cerebellum, a part of the brain.
  • Many fans (and Carmen Sandiego installments) go back and forth on whether the correct spelling is "Sarah Bellum" or "Sara Bellum". Unfortunately, the credits for the animated series never include this information.
  • For the longest time Sara Bellum was considered Carmen's most loyal V.I.L.E. member and her only real friend among the group. It's unknown how her betrayal affected their relationship, though they both appear to be more or less fine with still working together afterwards.