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Rules of the Game is the seventh episode of Season 1 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


When Carmen steals the car and statue of Catherine the Great, the team goes to Russia, China, Bavaria, and Hawaii in order to prevent a giant chess game.


In Saint Petersberg, Russia, Carmen and her henchmen steal a valuable idea from a museum: The royal coronation carriage of Catherine the Great. Stealing it from a museum and driving it through the streets, they arrive at a statue of Catherine the Great. The police come but are fooled by a statue with her coat on it and see the statue has been stolen as well.

Zack and Ivy are relaxing on vacation on a beach on Taihiti, French Polynesia. Zack tries to talk to women but shut down while Ivy surfs on big waves. The Chief contacts them and briefs them on a mission. They jump through a C5 corridor to St Petersburg.

There they meet a Russian agent of Acme named Tatiana and they join forces. They figure out why Carmen stole things. Zack becomes infatuated with her.

They see clues with a tiger and Chinese characters and decode things to be part of the first Emperor of China. They use a C5 corridor to Xi’an China. There they enter a storage building that holds terracotta soldiers. They see they had taken a few of them.

New information from CrimeNet leads them to Bavaria Germany. The C5 corridor drops them into a castle built by a former king. It turns out Carmen had taken the spire from the castle and they go to the top. Zack and Tatiana fall onto trees and board a plane while Ivy falls from the spier onto their plane.

With another clue, they head to Hawaii. There, Carmen is rady to play a giant chess game u sing more items stolen. Somehow, Carmen's henchmen uses magnitized gadgets to pin them to the board so they have to play, but Ivy breaks free mid-game so they chase Carmen, sending her away. The trio scare her off, and retrieve the items, returning them in the end. They chase her through a tunnel to some waterboard craft and try to use one; Carmen's watercraft was able to move underwater so she was able to escape from Acme's grasp.

In the end, the trio relax on a Haiti on a beach. Zack wants to ask a question but interrupted by his bottle of bursting. He chases Ivy into the water.


  • Zack
  • Ivy
  • Carmen Sandiego
  • The Chief
  • Tatiana


  • Royal Carriage
  • Chinese text
  • Castle
  • Cards
  • Knight
  • Bishop
  • board


  • Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Taihiti, French Polynesia
  • Bavaria Germany
  • Haiwaiian Islands
  • London, England (mention)
  • Rome, Italy (mention)
  • Charleston, South Carolina, USA (mention)



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