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Nigel Braithwaite, known better by his V.I.L.E colleagues under his codename of Roundabout, is a member of V.I.L.E. and a member of MI6, he was chosen by The Faculty as Shadowsan's successor and replacement once the latter became known as a traitor. Once he was exposed in London, he opted to instead steal gold from Beijing to make up for his mistake. After V.I.L.E was discovered by A.C.M.E, Roundabout was among them to be arrested. Prior to his arrest by A.C.M.E and his allegiance to V.I.L.E, he was the one to free operatives that were taken in by local law enforcement and have them returned to V.I.L.E.


Roundabout is a man with Asian ancestry, he has a round, tanned face, short cut black hair that greys around his temple with light blue eyes. He wears round, green glasses and dresses in a black formal suit with a red bow tie, he also has a walking cane with his fencing sword hidden inside and wears a black bowler hat with a grey stripe around it.


He is a man who speaks in proper English dialect. Like his codename, he prefers to talk a certain way with people and only hints at certain subjects without fully mentioning them. In order to get information from those he considers useful, he manages to get information from them without being suspicious.

As a member of MI6, he is a well respected man and portrays himself as a man with a genuine heart such as pretending to be pleased after hearing the wife of Stanley, one of the guards, had recovered from her cold, he continued his polite demeanor up until his true self was discovered.

Once at threat of having his mind wiped due to his failure, Roundabout exhibited fear and damaged pride and upon failing his mission in Beijing, he grew fearful of the other faculty members, despite being at fault, he attempted to place the blame onto Neal the Eel.


Nigel Braithwaite was a V.I.L.E agent who operated under the alias of Roundabout, he served as a double agent and took on the role as a member of Her Majesty's Secret Service which he infiltrated, due to his high position, he used his power to pull strings in order to release any V.I.L.E operative that had been arrested by any form of law enforcement. Prior to his admission as the new member of V.I.L.E Faculty, he ran an illegal diamond mining operation in Botswana.

Once Shadowsan's betrayal became known to V.I.L.E, the faculty opted to find a replacement and considered Roundabout due to his position within MI6 and that he could evade capture due to knowing when the police would be on the scene, because of this, he was chosen as the new fifth member.

After the location of the original V.I.L.E Academy on the Isle of V.I.L.E was at risk of being discovered, Roundabout took it upon himself to find a new location for the faculty to continue their crimes and after some time, he relocated the academy at an abandoned castle in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, as he was unable to be in person, Roundabout communicated with the faculty and operatives through video call.

In order to capture Carmen Sandiego, Roundabout came up with a plan that involved El Topo, Le Chevre and The Troll stealing the Crown Jewels from London knowing that Carmen would intervene by attempting to take them herself to keep them from being taken by V.I.L.E first. though once Carmen had been arrested, Roundabout pulled strings to have the captive released with his plan to have Carmen returned to the faculty, once he was allowed to conduct forensics on the scene, Roundabout entered the building only to steal the crown with help from The Troll and placed a fake one in its place, he then passed it to Le Chevre and resumed his day job before being confronted by Shadowsan who admitted Carmen knew from the start and allowed her capture.

After duelling with Shadowsan, the two were surrounded by helicopters by British police officers who demanded that Roundabout back down, once the latter's actions were recorded and sent to A.C.M.E, the real crown was placed into Roundabout's office to be discovered by Agents Zari and Chase, although he had been arrested, Roundabout was taken by The Cleaners and taken back to the academy.

At risk of having his mind wiped due to his previous failure, Roundabout was saved from the procedure after Dr. Bellum's machines malfunctioned and were unable to erase the memories of Neal the Eel. Due to this, he was given one final chance where he concocted another mission this time taking place in Beijing, China, after the operation failed, the faculty sent him to the dungeons only for him to be founded by Agent Zari and another A.C.M.E agent and later arrested after V.I.L.E's location had been discovered.


After being promoted to a member of the faculty, Roundabout gained supreme authority over other operatives which was shared with the other four members of the faculty. And due to his position in MI6, he had access to knowledge that was not attainable by the public. In attempts to keep operatives from being discovered, Roundabout helped them stay a step ahead of their enemies.

Much like Dexter Wolfe and Shadowsan before him, Roundabout also masters in stealth though he avoids detection by diverting the attention onto someone else rather than ignore the situation.

During combat, Roundabout is a highly skilled fencer and acted as captain of the fencing team at Oxford University and was able to overwhelm Shadowsan in battle despite the latter being just as equally highly skilled.




  • He is the second Faculty member to have a life outside of V.I.L.E though unlike Dexter Wolfe, it was for V.I.L.E's benefit.
  • His name is a play on a British roundabout, a road junction at which traffic moves in one direction around a central island to reach one of the roads converging on it.
  • His codename might also be like the idiom, such as to say something in "a roundabout way" to imply something without saying it. As a spy, he would need this social skill in intelligence gathering and coercion.
  • He is the only person to ever take up the vacant faculty seat with no intentions of working against V.I.L.E.; However, he ironically follows the curse seat trend of causing V.I.L.E.'s eventual downfall.