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Rockapella is an a cappella singing group best known for appearing in the game show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?. They are responsible for providing all of the show's voice acting, background ambiance, and theme music, the most famous of which being the main theme song which is sung at the end of every show when the host, contestants, and audience yells "Do it, Rockapella!". In addition to singing, Rockapella frequently engages with the show directly by taking part in various sketches and sight gags.

For the run of the show, Rockapella consisted of:

  • Sean Altman (lead tenor)
  • Scott Leonard (high tenor)
  • Elliot Kerman (baritone)
  • Barry Carl (bass)
  • Jeff Thacher (vocal percussionist; Season 5 only)

According to Season 2, Episode 24 of Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?, their voices were never insured by Lloyd's of London.

In the 1999 planetarium show, Where in the Universe is Carmen Sandiego?, Kevin Wright was featured as the then-new lead tenor of Rockapella, following Sean Altman's departure from the group in 1997.

Barry Carl retired from the group in 2002 and Elliott Kerman left in 2004. Therefore, Scott Leonard and Jeff Thacher are the only two remaining active members from the Carmen Sandiego era.