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ACME Good Guide Rock Solid, nephew of ACME Good Guide Kim Yoonity, is a geologist, forester, and fearless explorer of the unknown. He may be as big and tough as a Rocky Mountain boulder, but has a soft heart when it comes to the well-being of animals.


ACME Good Guide[]

Rock was one of the seven ACME Good Guides that helped the Player in World and U.S.A, by giving them a tour of their surroundings and checking on their warrants. In World, Rock logrolls on top of crooks to flatten them thin as paper. In U.S.A., he swings a pine tree into the air with an axe, causing the tree to split into multiple logs and cage in crooks back on the ground. In both games, Rock teams up with the other Good Guides in capturing Carmen Sandiego in the finale.[1]

Rock was also a Good Guide in the ACME Time Pilot program to help the Player in capturing V.I.L.E agents in the past. He helped the player in Vinland, China, Spain and the Rocky Mountains. Rock later worked with his fellow Good Guides in chasing and capturing Carmen.[2]

The Babble-On Machine[]

Rock was one of the twelve ACME agents captured by Carmen and forcefully connected to the Babble-On Machine. When he was eventually freed by Agent 13, Rock gave them a part of the password to self-destruct the Tower of Babble.[3]