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Rita Moreno (born Rosa Dolores Alverío Marcano, December 11, 1931) is a Puerto Rican actress, singer, and dancer. She provided the voice of Carmen Sandiego in Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? and Where in the Universe is Carmen Sandiego?, she would go on to voice Cookie Booker in the 2019 reboot.

Early life[]

Moreno was born Rosa Dolores Alverío Marcano in Humacao, Puerto Rico, to Rosa María, a seamstress, and Paco Alverío, a farmer. She moved with her mother to New York City at the age of five, and took the surname of her stepfather, Edward Moreno.

She began her first dancing lessons soon after arriving in the United States from a friend of her mother, a Spanish dancer called Paco Cansino, who was the uncle of Rita Hayworth. When she was 11 years old, she lent her voice to Spanish language versions of American films.

She had her first Broadway role — as "Angelina" in Skydrift — by the time she was 13, which caught the attention of Hollywood talent scouts. She appeared in small roles in The Toast of New Orleans and Singin' in the Rain, in which she played Zelda Zanners.

In March 1954, Moreno was featured on the cover of Life Magazine with a caption “Rita Moreno: An Actresses' Catalog of Sex and Innocence.”

In 1956, she had a supporting role in the film version of The King and I as Tuptim, but disliked most of her other work during this period.