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Rhode Island is the smallest state in the U.S. Having been admitted into the Union in 1790, it is the thirteenth state in the Union and the last of the thirteen colonies to accept the U.S. Constitution.

Rhode Island's capital is Providence. Its state nickname is the Plantation State, its state motto is "Hope," its state bird is the Rhode Island Red chicken, its state flower is the violet, its state fish is the striped bass, its state insect is the American burying beetle, its state tree is the red maple, and its state shell is the quahog. Its state fruit is the Rhode Island Greening apple, its state drink is coffee milk, its state appetizer is calamari, and its state song is "Rhode Island, It's for Me."

The state of Rhode Island itself was referenced in at least one episode of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?:

  • It's the Pits: Governor Bruce Sundlun
    • During the Lightning Round, Greg Lee asks questions about the Old Stone Mill in Newport, the city of Providence, and Roger Williams.