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Retribution (1): Unsinkable Carmen Sandiego is the 3rd episode of Season 4 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


In a flashback episode we see a young Detective Carmen Sandiego foil Dr. Maelstrom and his diabolical plan to raise and steal the Titanic.


At a prison in Liverpool, England, a routine patrol by guards at a prison checks a cell and discovers the occupant in the cell is actually a dummy that falls over at a single prod of a stick. The prison goes on alert but an explosion occurs at a wall and the detainee escapes. Ivy and Zack arrive via a C5 corridor and are told the escapee is Doctor Gunnar Maelstrom, a notorioue VILE hecnnmen. They see a set of footprints that are a match to the guard boots; the head guard of the prison the prisoner could not have escaped the explosion. Ivy and Zack are told the prisoner is a Doctor Gunnar Maelstrom, a mastermind of VILE. Chief comes in and briefs them on who he is. He plays a montage of time prior.

Back in 1985, Carmen Sandiego was an ACME detective on the hunt for Gunner Malestrom. AT the University of Liverpool,. Gunnner Maelstrom and two others use a bird to enter the library to blow up an access door on the roof and enter the library. They access the Cunard Archives and steal a book. Immediately, Carmen comes in; a brief scuffles comes. A fire occurs, and Maelstrom escapes via parachute. He gets in a truck and drives away. Carmen exits via grapping hook and follows via motorcycle where she sees the truck vias into a harbor and catches him. Maelstrom presses a button and the cab of the truck becomes an amphibious chicle and escapes.

Carmen arrives back to ACME office while she is typing on her computer; her inspector boss enters and is briefed on the 3 items he stole. Nothing seems to make sense at all. The inspector brings in a new gadget that the IT people developed; it is a robot called C.H.I.E.F. It is a nascent predecessor to the modern chief, but still restricted to a physical body. Carmen tries to fix it up; on the monitor in the chest area of CHIEF's body, Maelstrom hacks into it, taunts Carmen about being a thief. Maelstrom is interrupted by a henchmen who tells him a clue about “Jason arriving at the Sydney Operahouse”. Looking through potential clues, Carmen realizes that it refers to the research submarine Jason constructed by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and it will be in Sydney. A plane piloted by Carmen flew them to Sydney.

At Sydney harbor, Carmen and the Chief see Maelstrom with henchmen on a boat start the engine. Carmen drives onto a beidge and jumps to catch up with them; Chief jumps down along with them and both of them take out the henchmen. As she uses a lasso to capture two goons, one manages to kick Carmen enough that she falls into the water where some octopus wraps a tentacle around her.

The Chief robot comes in and saves her; it zaps the octopus to get away. Sitting and drying on their safe place, Carmen reviews old footage and views the flags of the boat. Chief determines that there is no real world correlation to the flags, but Carmen determines they must be from the colors of the balls from a game of billiards. Matching the colors to the numbers, Carmen and chief match the numbers to a map and determine it refers to the location of the Titanic's sinking.

Carmen heads over via a craft and tries to confront Gunnar Maelstorm. He and his henchmen have a plan where they attach tubules to the Titanic with gas so they raise the Titanic from the ocean floor and they had figured out the lcoation of where it is.

Carmen arrives and takes a submersible into the ocean and confronts Maelstorm. She manages to capture them with Chief's help.

Back in the present, Chief finishes telling the story of Carmen's capure of Maestrom. Ivy asks who would escape barefoot from a prison; she sees a bunch of scribbled items about a ship named thd Valkyrie. The pair of detectives take a C5 corridor to Belize and are taken captive by Maelstrom, and left in a room of a ruins. Maelstrom throws down a stick of dynamite that explodes and causes some water and crocodiles to appear.,

Stolen Items[]

  • Ocean treasures
  • Sunken treasures
  • Log book
  • equipment used to float items.


  • ”Jason arriving at the Sydney Operahouse"
    • A phrase used by a henchmen by Maelstrom; this was recorded and deduced by Carmen.
  • flags that match the colors on balls of billiard




  • This episode marks the introduction of Gunnar Maelstrom


  • ’’Let her go you over grown sushi” - Chief


  • No light penetrates the ocean below 1500 feet. So what can viperfish do to see better?
  • Viperfish can produce their own light to see in the dark ocean depths
  • The Titanic sank in 1912. What was the name of the ship that rescued the survivors?
    • The Carpathia was the name of the ship that save the survivors when the Titanic sank in 1912.


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