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Retribution (3): Maelstrom's Revenge is the 5th episode Season 4 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? It was aired by Fox Family worldwide on 1 April 1998.


In the rousing climax to a three part story, Carmen works with Zack and Ivy to stop her evil nemesis, Dr. Maelstrom, who is bent on destroying her forever, while carrying out a plan to steal “The unstealable” – Noah's Ark!


Following the events of the previous two episodes, Chief provides a summary of the events. Ivy and Zack are caught by police and taken to jail. Chief talks to the Chief of police and he lets them out as long as Ivy and Zack finish some paperwork for him.

When Ivy and Zack enter the room to do paperwork, Carmen Sandiego appears at a window and talks to them. She had suffered an injury in her right arm and is in a splint. She tells them about Maelstrom and his desire to get rid of her. She had a club with a flag that had an object and a building with Islamic architecture.

Chief looks at the items and the building is a minaret typical of mosques and that it is from Seville, Spain; the red object is a bullfighting ring in the same city. They also figure out the music that played from the staff is from the Carmen musical opera, where specifically that portion of the musical is stored in a museum in Paris, France. They summon an A.C.M.E. car and climb in with Carmen; then they use a C5 corridor.

Just as they arrive in Paris, they see that the ground explode and make a giant hole, as Maelstrom and another henchmen exit the hole. Carmen gives chase into the Museum but are too late to the music score; police try to arrest them but fail. Carmen sees outside that Maelstrom steals a police vehicle and leave. Zack catches up and puts a homing beacon it, following in the A.C.M.E. car. Maelstrom says to put the tower plan in place. The trio travel to the Eiffel Tower try to follow the ascending elevator up there. They go up the elevator and discover it was an elaborate ruse by henchmen as a distraction, and fight off two henchmen. Ivy and Zack use a rope to slide down the tower, but a henchmen cuts the rope, forcing them to land on a beam and tie the rope so they can fall down without injuries.

Ivy and Zack get into the A.C.M.E. car and transform it into a submersible craft and chase after the submarine that Maelstrom used. He is seen climbing into a craft and escaping via an air craft. The underground structure is blown up, to Carmen's surprise above surface. Bilge, a henchmen, surfaces up from the water and is promptly handcuffed by Carmen. Ivy and Zack resurface as well and climb aboard their car. The trio analyze the clue left in the Museum and it mentioned a mission in California. Ivy and Zack conduct a global search via Crime Net and searches via the keyword “Sandiego”. This brings up an old plan titled “Noah’s Ark” that involved melting the ice on a mountain and had the word amid a wall of text called “gilgamesh”. Ivy recognizes the word, and it refers to a Babylonian character in a poem that described a flood. It was realized Maelstrom is after Noah's ark and the “San diego” search refers to the USS San Diego ship docked in Mersin, Turkey, the place where Maelstrom could stage his plans on causing an ice landslide. This would be an environmental disaster.

Ivy, Zack, and Carmen use a C5 corridor to Mersin, Turkey. There they see the crew of the USS Sandiego playing music from the sheet music stolen from a museum, specifically the Carmen opera. There they spring into action, where Carmen supposedly “cures” herself of the splint in her arm and Ivy and Zack see Maelstrom load up the weapons of the weapons. Maelstrom uses a massive wind blower and distract everyone and gets ready to fire the weapon. Carmen had stolen the controls but Maelstrom catches her in a net, takes back the controls, and fires the missile.

Ivy and Zack and arrive via a helicopter. Carmen uses a small blowtorch tool to cut herself from the net, and land on the deck of the ship and try to catch Maelstrom. He use a crane holding the tools to get caught into the blades of the helicopter, resulting in it crashing in flames. Ivy and Zack armen uses a small blowtorch to cut herself from the net. Carmen steals back the control gadget and blows up the rocket from hitting Mount Ararat. Maelstrom leaevs and climbs down a ladder while a submersible surfaces, with two ships approaching in the distance. However, it is not for Maelstrom. The Chief appears in his old physical body and holds him down, preventing his escape.

Carmen slaps on handcuffs between Chief and Maelstrom. As Chief struggles to maintain control of the body, he and Maelstrom falls into the water and Carmen leaves via the ACME submarine. Back at Acme headquarters, Chief asserts that Carmen will never return to the good side and will always be a thief; Ivy and Zack tries to reassure him that she can be a good person when the time is right. A email comes in and shows the Player and Carmen have an exchange of words.

End goal[]

  • Theft of Noah's Ark

Stolen Items[]

  • Musical script for the opera "Carmen"


  • Flag with Minaret and Bullfighting ring
  • Note left behind at a museum in Paris
  • Note files about his plans for theft – “Gilagmesh”
  • San diego Mission in California


  • Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
  • Seville, Spain (mentioned)
  • Paris, France
  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Lancastershire, England (mentioned)
  • Mission in California (mentioned)
  • Mount Ararat, Turkey
  • Mersin, Turkey
  • ACME headquarters




  • Why can't we do these foreign countries like other tourits; from the safety of the bus? - Zack
  • They went into the River! - Carmen
  • That would be an environmental disaster - Carmen


  • Which one of these flags belongs to Spain?
    • The red and yellow flag belongs to Spain, a country once ruled by the Moors.

Can you name the Babylonian epic that contains a flood story very much like the Bible story like the Bible story of Noah's arc.

    • The Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh tells a flood story similar to the one about Noah found in the Bible.




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