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Retribution (2): In Memoriam is the 4th episode of Season 4 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


Carmen learns that Dr. Maelstrom, an arch enemy she arrested ten years ago, while an Acme detective, has escaped from prison. The evil ocean going genius is bent on destroying Carmen's reputation as the world's greatest thief.


Following the events of the previous episode, Zack and Ivy are on a ship with overflowing water. They use crates to escape the ship and the crocodiles. After getting to drier ground, they use a C5 corridor to the prison in California where Maelstrom was held; there the warden is attempting to reassure the press that Maelstrom is dead. Ivy and Zack arrive via C5 corridor and spot Carmen entering Maelstorm's former cell; they try to confront her but she escapes after climbing above the door and surprise them with a beam of light. She had stolen the cap worn by Maelstrom. Ivy and Zack try to confront Carmen but she escapes again by usage of her zip line. Meanwhile, Maelstrom had been hiding in another cell and overheard everything; he says he knows what she is up to and will find retribution for putting her in prison.

Back at A.C.M.E headquarters, they search through some clues. It was a burger and fries wrapped in a magazine. They do some thinking and theorize it may have to do with the UK. Then, Chief analyzes the contents of the burger and determines it is Cod Fish. When they look at the wrapper, it is something about Edgar Allen Poe and a story about “Desent into the Maelstrom”. This led to the Lofoten Islands in Norway. Ivy asks Chief to use a C5 corridor to get ther ebut he stops her and reveals a hot tip has come in to Crime Net; A hotel was being stolen in Key Largo, Florida

Ivy and Zack travel via the C5 corridor to Key Largo, Florida, where they arrive in Scuba gear and travel tot he under water Jules Undersea Lodge. There Ivy and Zack and encounter Gunner Maelstrom, who reveals he knows Carmen's plans and he expected them to go to Norway. He then restrains the pair and force them to watch outside a window; two craft pull the lodge. As the movement momentarily knocks them off balance, a canister of air knocks Maelstrom off his feet and enables Ivy and Zack to escape. An unnamed ACME dective pulls up in his boat and pulls them aboard. Ivy and Zack use a C5 corridor to ACME headquarters in Bodo Norway.

The ACME headquarters in Norway had gotten numerous leads on Carmen and Maelstrom. They tracked them to nearby islands. A call from another A.C.M.E. agent tells them a longboat was spotted in a place. Ivy and Zack immediately jump through a C5 corrdiro and land on the replica long boat. They hid underneath and see Gunner's cap hanging on a mast. Carmen comes with a boat and acknowledges the pair of detectives are on board. She ties a rope to the long boat and pulls it out of the harbor into open waters when a maelstrom can engulf the longboat, giving Maelstrom a Viking funeral. A wave knocks the longboat and Ivy momentarily unconscious. Maelstrom appears and surprises Carmen, who has believed Maelstrom is dead all this time. He uses a flamethrower to light the longboat on fire, and shoots a harpoon into Carmen's boat, causing it to lose power and careen towards the maelstrom. Ivy recovers and, along with Zack, get into Carmen's boat, and leave the malestrom by unfurling the mast and sail away. The trio determine that Maelstrom is really out for retribution and that the best way to confront him is to go to Williamsburg Virginia.

The trio use a C5 corridor to arrive at Williamsburg, Virginia; immediately a henchmen puts nets over them and puts them in the stocks and pillory at the behest of Maelstrom. Conveniently, a group of tourists arrive and see that Carmen has been captured. As they take photos, Ivy escapes from the stocks and pillory and release Zack and Carmen while the police arrive. They run, but the police surround Ivy and Zack while Carmen escapes again

Cliffhangar ensues, setting up for a new adventure in the next episode.

Stolen Items[]

  • Maelstrom Prison Cap
  • Lumber from a mill
  • Postcard of a Viking longboat from a museum


  • Fries and Chips
  • Stolen items
  • picture of a courthouse at Williamsburg, Virginia


  • Belize
  • Folsom State Prison, California
  • ACME headquarters
  • Lofoten Islands, Norway (mentioned)
  • Canada (mentioned)
  • Baltimore (mentioned)
  • Bodo, Norway
  • Williamsburg, Virginia, USA



  • This episode is the 2nd of 3 episodes featuring Gunner Maelstrom
  • This episode features multiple unnamed A.C.M.E. agents
  • This episode features an A.C.M.E. agent speaking the Norwegian language.


  • What American author is known as the father of the modern detective story?
    • Edgar Allen Poe is known as the father of the modern detective story.
  • What geographical land formation do Key Largo, Florida and Bodo, Norway have in common?
    • Key Largo, Florida and Bodo, Norway are both locate don peninsulas, which are bodies of land surrounded by three sides by water.




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