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Renee Santz is an ACME agent and Good Guide for the Time Pilot program. Her name is a play on the word "renaissance."


Renee is the daughter of renowned bassoonist Red Cheeks and famous architect Fallan Arches. Since birth, she has shown an extraordinary interest in art. She even drew a near-perfect copy of DaVinci's Mona Lisa with her crayons. She is the director of the ACME orchestra and has artistic works featured in museums across the globe.[1]

ACME Good Guide[]

Renee was one of the seven ACME Good Guides that helped the Player in World and U.S.A, by giving them a tour of their surroundings and checking on their warrants. In World, Renee paints tape on crooks' mouth and then rope around their bodies. In U.S.A., she plays a saxophone with one of its notes tripping the crooks. In both games, Renee teams up with the other Good Guides in capturing Carmen Sandiego in the finale.[2]

Renee was also a Good Guide in the ACME Time Pilot program to help the Player in capturing V.I.L.E agents in the past. She helped the player in Japan, Italy, England and Austria. Renee then joined with the other ACME Good Guides to chase Carmen through time, eventually capturing her in the present day.[3]

The Babble-On Machine[]

Renee was one of the twelve ACME agents captured by Carmen and forcefully connected to the Babble-On Machine. When she was eventually freed by Agent 13, Renee gave them a part of the password to self-destruct the Tower of Babble.[4]