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Polly Tix is an ACME agent and Good Guide for the Time Pilot program. Her name is a play on the word "politics".


The youngest ACME Good Guide, Polly is a political genius. Her high school class voted her "Most likely to run a country... Any country!" [1]

ACME Good Guide[]

Polly is a Good Guide for the Time Pilot program. She played a crucial role during the recovery of the stolen Chronoskimmer. She provided aid to Player in Feudal England, the American Revolution, and during the final chase to catch Carmen.[1]

The Babble-On Machine[]

Polly was one of the twelve agents kidnapped by Carmen and connected to the Babble-On Machine. After being freed by Agent 13, she provided a cryptic code word she had come across before returning to ACME to continue her investigation.[2]


  • Polly's name is never actually mentioned in Word Detective. However, there is a red-headed agent being held by Carmen. Since this character is also voiced by Laura Holliday, she is most likely supposed to be Polly Tix.[2]