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"You can call me ... Player."
―Player, "Becoming Carmen Sandiego: Part I"

Player is a teenage hacker who currently assists Carmen Sandiego in her capers against V.I.L.E. He first made contact with Carmen through a phone she stole from the Captain during her time on the Isle of V.I.L.E.


Player is a young teenager with side-fringed dark brown hair, greyish-blue eyes and tan skin. He wears a grey and red jacket over a red shirt, with navy blue shorts and grey sneakers.


He is a talented hacker, being able to contact Black Sheep's stolen phone after hacking through V.I.L.E. Academy's 27 layers of security. As a White Hat hacker, he uses his talents only for good reasons and seems to have a strong moral compass.

He seems mild-mannered and makes jokes often, being able to hold light friendly banter with Carmen. He mentions being perfectly happy in his "dark little cave", and doesn't seem all that interested in going outside for himself. It's possible he's more interested in experiencing the world vicariously through Carmen's adventures.

He's surprisingly quick to trust Black Sheep initially, even when her answers don't seem to make much sense at first, and chooses to go with the flow and believe her when she does admit she's in a school for thieves.

He's confident in his skills and his friends', though he still shows concern for Carmen when things turn dicey.


''I just hacked through 27 layers of encryption.''

''So, who do I inform about weak link over there?''

- Player, Becoming Carmen Sandiego Part 1

As described as Carmen's secret weapon, Player has demonstrated he has a high proficiency in encryption breaking, hacking and data collection.

He has provided invaluable technical support to the team.

  • Proficient in Encryption Breaking - Player was able to break V.I.L.E's 27 layers of encryption before making contact with Black Sheep, he is the key team member who is able to decrypt V.I.L.E.'s hard drive. When provided a password by Carmen, he was able to access into A.C.M.E.'s database in less than a minute.
  • Proficient in Data Collection - Player has regularly provided Carmen and her team cultural and geographical knowledge of a location.



  • Player's parents




Young Player

A younger Player.

Early life

He was born on May 6, and lives in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Meeting Carmen

Player first met Carmen when hacking into V.I.L.E.'s security. Player was Carmen's only connection to the outside world, and they quickly became friends.


The Sticky Rice Caper

The Fishy Doubloon Caper

The Duke of Vermeer Caper

The Opera in the Outback Caper

The Chasing Paper Caper

The Lucky Cat Caper

The French Connection Caper

The Hot Rocks of Rio Caper, Part 1

The Hot Rocks of Rio Caper, Part 2

The Daisho Caper

The Fashionista Caper

The Boston Tea Party Caper

After months of planning, Player and Carmen would investigate a V.I.L.E. business front called Darryl's Donut Hole. This led to Carmen meeting Zack and Ivy, who would become members of the team.

The Need for Speed Caper

The Crackle Goes Kiwi Caper

The Stockholm Syndrome Caper

The African Ice Caper

The Deep Dive Caper

The Boston Tea Party Caper

Version Differences

Player 1994

Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?

Player was featured in the 1994 animated series Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? as an unseen live-action character. He would bookend the episodes and communicate with Carmen, implying the events of the series were just a video game on his computer.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning Voice Actor
Spanish Player - Armando Corona
French Player - Thomas Sagols
Danish Player - Theo B. Koefoed
Norwegian Player - Kevin Haugan
Dutch Player - Solo Kuijpers
Polish Player - Kaj Pilczuk
Portuguese Player - Vasco Espinoza
Romanian Player - Raul Stanulescu
Russian Игрок


Player Тихон Ефименко

Tikhon Efimenko

Swedish Player - Hannes Duberg
Turkish Player - Ömer Şerif Erzurumlu
Italian Giocatore Player Luca de Ambrosis
Finnish Player - Riku Leskinen
German Player - Sebastian Fitzner
Greek Πλέιερ


Player Γιώργος Σκουφής

Giorgos Skoufis

Japanese プレーヤー


Player 斎賀 みつき (Mitsuki Saiga)
Korean 플레이어


Player 송단우







  • His real name, if he has one, is currently unknown.
  • In Season 2 Episode 5, "The Boston Tea Party Caper", Player states he doesn't have a Learner's Permit.
  • In "The Opera in the Outback Caper" a top-down shot of Player's room shows a piece of paper on the floor with the "Bureau of Balance" symbol on it. This implies that he is a fan of the real play Dungeons and Dragons podcast the symbol appears in, The Adventure Zone. The reference remains when the same camera angle is used in season 2.
  • Player has Shadow-san's respect, a rare honor.
  • Player's alias is a reference to how the Carmen Sandiego series started as video games.


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