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"You can call me ... Player."
―Player, "Becoming Carmen Sandiego: Part I"

Player is a teenage hacker who currently assists Carmen Sandiego in her capers against V.I.L.E. He first made contact with Carmen through a phone she stole from the Captain during her time on the Isle of V.I.L.E.


Player is a young teenager with side-fringed dark brown hair, greyish-blue eyes, and tan skin. He wears a grey and red jacket over a red shirt, with navy blue shorts and grey sneakers.


He is a talented hacker, being able to contact Black Sheep's stolen phone after hacking through V.I.L.E. Academy's 27 layers of security. As a White Hat hacker, he uses his talents only for good reasons and seems to have a strong moral compass. He tends to ignore personal property when he hacks into computer systems and suggested breaking into Lupe Peligro's house.

He seems mild-mannered and makes jokes often, being able to hold light friendly banter with Carmen. He mentions being perfectly happy in his "dark little cave", and doesn't seem all that interested in going outside for himself. It's possible he's more interested in experiencing the world vicariously through Carmen's adventures. His reserved attitude seems to extend to Carmen as he never told her about his family or his early life during the events in season 1. He only tells Carmen when she pressures him in the events of Secrets of the Silver Lion.

He's surprisingly quick to trust Black Sheep initially, even when her answers don't seem to make much sense at first, and chooses to go with the flow and believe her when she does admit she's in a school for thieves. Despite the trust he showed to Black Sheep, the current Player was reluctant to trust and at most times against trusting Crackle, Chief, and Shadowsan on multiple occasions in seasons 1 and 2. This sudden paranoia could be caused by past mistreatment towards Carmen. This is farther proven when Player becomes wary when Carmen collaborates with former/current enemies and would constantly influence Carmen's faith in their word.

He's confident in his skills and his friends, though he still shows concern for Carmen when things turn dicey. This could be because he assigns Team Red their capers and if it goes wrong, Player couldn't do anything but coordinate the team and listen in through audio, basically giving him a sense of hopelessness. His young age and friendship with Carmen may also factor into this. His age and more well-mannered nature opts him to follow the orders of Carmen and Shadowsan with the attention to support the team(even if reluctant to do so). Despite being one of the mature members, Player still participates in Halloween activities like dressing costume.


'I just hacked through 27 layers of encryption.'

'So, who do I inform about weak link over there?'

- Player, Becoming Carmen Sandiego Part 1

As described as Carmen's secret weapon, Player has demonstrated he has a high proficiency in encryption breaking, hacking and data collection.

He has provided invaluable technical support to the team.

  • Proficient in Encryption Breaking - Player was able to break V.I.L.E's 27 layers of encryption before making contact with Black Sheep, he is the key team member who is able to decrypt V.I.L.E.'s hard drive. When provided a password by Carmen, he was able to access A.C.M.E.'s database in less than a minute.
  • Proficient in Data Collection - Player has regularly provided Carmen and her team cultural and geographical knowledge of a location.



  • Player's parents




A younger Player.

Early life

Player lives with his family in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Before he turned twelve, his parents had an argument and his father decided to leave. At some point during his father's disappearance, Player used his newly required hacking skills to try to find his father. Player had succeeded this but decided he, his mother, and his father were fine, so he did not pursue. Some time after Player's mom remarries a "great guy". Player uses his hacking skills as a white hat hacker and eventually hacks way into V.I.L.E..

Meeting Carmen

Player first met Carmen(back when she was Black Sheep) when hacking into V.I.L.E.'s security. Player was Carmen's only connection to the outside world, and they quickly became friends. Player would constantly talk to Carmen when she is out of class and alone with no prior knowledge on where or who she really is.

Player aided Carmen with finding her way into the world when she escapes V.I.L.E.'s clutches.


The Boston Tea Party Caper

After months of planning, Player and Carmen would investigate a V.I.L.E. business front called Darryl's Donut Hole. This led to Carmen meeting Zack and Ivy, who would become members of the team.

Version Differences

Player 1994.png

Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?

Player was featured in the 1994 animated series Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? as an unseen live-action character. He would bookend the episodes and communicate with Carmen, implying the events of the series were just a video game on his computer.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning Voice Actor
Spanish Player
Armando Corona
French Player
Thomas Sagols
Danish Player
Theo B. Koefoed
Norwegian Player
Kevin Haugan
Dutch Player
Solo Kuijpers
Polish Player
Kaj Pilczuk
Portuguese Player
Vasco Espinoza
Brazilian Portuguese Player
Victor Hugo Fernandes
Romanian Player
Raul Stanulescu
Russian Игрок


Player Тихон Ефименко

Tikhon Efimenko

Swedish Player
Hannes Duberg
Turkish Player
Ömer Şerif Erzurumlu
Italian Giocatore Player Luca de Ambrosis
Finnish Player
Riku Leskinen
German Player
Sebastian Fitzner
Greek Πλέιερ


Player Γιώργος Σκουφής

Giorgos Skoufis

Japanese プレーヤー


Player 斎賀 みつき (Mitsuki Saiga)
Korean 플레이어


Player 송단우







  • Player's alias is a reference to how the Carmen Sandiego series started as video games.
  • Player's real name is not yet revealed in the series.
  • In Season 2 Episode 5, "The Boston Tea Party Caper", Player states he doesn't have a Learner's Permit.
    • In that same episode, Carmen stated that is was a few months ago when she escaped V.I.L.E. This would mean that Player was around 14(16 being the age to have a permit) in the flashback.
  • In "The Opera in the Outback Caper" a top-down shot of Player's room shows a piece of paper on the floor with the "Bureau of Balance" symbol on it. This implies that he is a fan of the real play Dungeons and Dragons podcast the symbol appears in, The Adventure Zone. The reference remains when the same camera angle is used in season 2.
  • Player has Shadow-san's respect, a rare honor.
  • Player is one of the two characters in the series to appear or be heard in every episode. The other being the title character Carmen Sandiego.
  • Player holds many records and firsts in Team Red.
    • He is the first to be recruited to Team Red.
    • He is the youngest and shortest member.
    • Player is one of two members to be referred majorly by their codename
      • He is also the only member to not share his real name on screen.
    • He is the only member to have an evil counterpart in V.I.L.E.: The Troll.
    • Player is the most stationary of his team member as he is confined in his bedroom.
      • Though he established Team Red's base, he is the only member to never step foot into it.
      • Due to his secluded location, he is the only member to never physically encounter V.I.L.E. or A.C.M.E..
        • He is the only member whose affiliation with Carmen remains unknown to V.I.L.E. and A.C.M.E. as both organizations are unaware that he exists.
    • None of his family was ever shown on screen (only ever mentioned by Player himself).
    • Player is the only member to not have his backstory on why he required his "wicked skills" revealed on screen.
    • Despite appearing in every episode and specials, Player has the least or one of the least amount of episodic screen time whenever his teammates are present.
    • Player has the fewest variations of his official character designs of the core members with total of three: main design, young design, and Halloween costume in The Day of the Dead Caper.
      • He is the only member to not receive any type of formal wear.


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