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The Inca Empire is the ninth case in the adventure game Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time.



"Time Detective, I've got a major bummer bulletin. Carmen Sandiego has just Chronoskimmed into ACME jail, and then back out again with her heinous horde in tow. That's right. She used our technology to pull a jailbreak. How embarrassing!

Now...we've reinforced the prison with transtemporal laser bars so another jailbreak can't happen. But of course, now those crooks are back out there, pilfering paraphernalia from the past! They must be recaptured! It's a good thing you're out there on the job!

Right now, you're fast-forwarding to 1460, where something strange has happened in the Inca Empire's accounting. You'll have to straighten out this knotty problem.

When you're visiting the center of a great empire, Ann Tickwittee is the Good Guide you want on your side. Good luck up in the Andes, Detective. And don't get light-headed in that mountain air!" -- The Chief


  • Record the number of supplies Ann counts in the storerooms on the counting frames
  • Prepare a sack of potatoes


  • Corn Kernels
  • Sack of Potatoes

Carmen Notes[]

Pachacuiti’s tears and sweat have made his reign the greatest yet.
But none of these have quite the glint of something useful in a mint!
Hide beneath Tears of the Moon, and there I’ll come to find you soon!

Scrap Locations[]

  • Near Pachacuiti
  • Next to the bridge on the side of the llamas
  • Given by Pachacuiti after the sack of potatoes is prepared

Thief's Location[]

  • In the sack of silver


“You’re headed back to the ACME lock-up, Jane! And with its patented,new laser-bar security, you WON’T be escaping again!” -- Ann Tickwittee

“Urgh! You’ve caught up with me again agents! But you’ll NEVER accelerate fast enough for a collision with Carmen!” -- Jane Reaction

"Congratulations! You re-jailed Jane Reaction, recovered the accounting quipus, and fixed food distribution for the whole Inca Empire!

Thanks to you, Pachacuti's kingdom will grow far and wide!

And speaking of empire builders, Carmen has already pulled another time heist. Can you take the case right now?" -- The Chief