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Otter Man is a Swedish V.I.L.E. agent stationed in Stockholm, Sweden, and is partnered with Moose Boy.


Otter Man is a man of average build and a cleft chin. He has blue eyes and brown hair parted to the right side. He wears round blue glasses. Due to the cold weather, Otter Man wears a green parka with light green sleeves and beige fleecing, dark green pants, and boots


Serving as the brains of the duo, Otter Man is a no-nonsense and confident operative. He is observant, such as when he figured out "Carmen"'s ploy to get her coat, which contained all of her gadgets, to keep her from escaping imprisonment. He regularly slaps and chastises Moose Boy when the latter shows incompetence, as though he were talking to a child.

However, he can be misled, as when he assumed "Carmen"'s haphazard escape at the end was a show of skill.


Otter Man, along with his partner, Moose Boy, attempted to transport stolen nuclear launch codes they were planning to sell, by hiding the data crystal they were in inside an ice statue. They were foiled by Ivy, who they had captured, believing her to be Carmen Sandiego.