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Omnicia is an omniscient informant who is needed when Kevin Shinick runs out of clues. She only appears in Season 1 of Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?. Contacting Omnicia takes a lot of power, according to the Chief. She warns Kevin that they may not have enough power, but Kevin will tell her that they have to risk it. Therefore, she is often contacted only as a last resort.

Known Appearances[]

  • Episode 1: 1951 (during the Korean War; when Search for Tomorrow, the first TV soap opera, aired its first episode)
  • Episode 31: 1975 (when Kevlar vests were worn by President Gerald Ford)
  • Episode 33: 1993 (when the Back to the Future ride was opened and the Oscar-winning Schindler's List was first released)
  • Episode 51: 1836 (during the Jackson administration; when the first McGuffey Readers were published)
  • Episode 56: 1986 (in the Philippines; when Imelda Marcos' shoes were found by her husband's political opponents)
  • Episode 60: 1960's (when barbed-wire collectors in Kansas swapped their samples and astronauts first walked on the moon)