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"Shadowsan! When they said you defected over to the red side, I didn't think they meant Russia!"
―Neal the Eel

Neal the Eel was a V.IL.E operation who was stationed in New Zealand. To avoid losing his memories, he defected and left.


He attempted to take Shadowsan's place in the V.I.L.E. Faculty by stealing the plans to a prototype EMP device from Russia to deliver to Dr. Bellum.

He was again seen in the season three episode The Masks of Venice Caper, where he partnered with Mime Bomb to attempt to steal a collection of valuable masks from a museum in Venice, Italy, but he was tricked by Carmen into stealing a box full of souvenir replicas, whereupon he was arrested by police, however, he was extricated by The Cleaners.

Neal was then taken to the new V.I.L.E. Academy to have his memory wiped, although he was oddly calm about it, and was spared due to Scotland's climate shorting out Dr. Bellum's equipment. He and Roundabout (mainly Roundabout) were given one last chance to redeem their mistakes, and Neal was assigned to the Beijing Caper, consisting of kidnapping a Chinese dignitary Huang Li to access Beijing's gold storage. The first attempt to capture the dignitary failed, and Neal instead transported the unconscious man to the storage, only to be slipped up by Carmen's teams as they secretly switched Zack with Huang Li, and Zack easily escaped as he had Neal and the rest of the V.I.L.E. knocked out with their own knockout gas.

After his failure, and knowing if he returns to V.I.L.E. he will have his mind wiped, Neal left V.I.L.E. and was last seen relaxing on a Chinese fishing trawler, not caring as fish was dumped on him and not caring about his defection from the criminal organization. It is unknown what happened to him given V.I.L.E.‘s destruction via Carmen and A.C.M.E.’s influence, since he willingly left V.I.L.E, but it is possible he could be detained in the future due to the few remaining V.I.L.E. agents left in the world or left alone since he is no longer affiliated with V.I.L.E.


Neal is a tall man with a thin lanky frame and greasy black hair. He has buck teeth with a slight gap between, usually resting over his bottom lip. His skin is very pale, almost grey, and he has purple bags under his eyes.


Neal is described as "conniving and loyal to a fault" by Doctor Bellum. During fights, he has an affinity for making puns and teasing his opponent. Despite his goofy nature, he is a competent operative, having been able to outplay both Shadowsan and Carmen in combat— additionally having been considered a potential faculty member by Bellum.

He is later revealed in the fourth season to be extremely laid-back and easygoing, since he did not care about getting his mind wiped, getting fish dumped on him, or defecting from V.I.L.E. However, him being smart enough to know that going back to V.I.L.E. after failing a last-chance mission wouldn’t end so well for him probably played a hand in his decision to leave rather than a laid-back nature.


Neal is a master of infiltration and specializes in slipping into small spaces. His slick body suit, lanky frame, and skills as an acrobatic-contortionist make him a difficult man to capture and hold.