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Music to My Ears is the 8th episode of Season 1 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


Carmen makes off with the Sydney Opera house.


Sydney Australia

Carmen and her henchman steal the entire Sydney Opera House after a performance in a concert.

Zack and Ivy are in Sydney look for clues when they find a self-playing piano left by Carmen. They find a small piece playing music that leads to Vienna, Austria, which was the place where the composers and piece title intersect.

They head to Vienna, Austria. At Vienna Opera House, Sebastian Keye, a minor prodigy is resting before a performance when Carmen comes in and steals the Stradivarius violin. Zack and Ivy give chase and hang onto a helicopter skids she escapes in. Letting go, they fall onto the roof of a building where the chief talks to them, leading them to Rio de Janeiro. Landing on a beach, they run away from a machine that chases them. Meeting and joining a local ACME detective named Maria, they evade the henchman and hide in a dance club in an alleyway. They realize that Carmen may seek out an opera singer who will perform the Carmen opera the next day. They rush over to her place, but was too late as Carmen had paid a visit and to her pianist Rajiv next door. Afterwards, they sit at a cafe and compile clues. While there, Carmen puts on a performance with all the stolen items; it turns out they had stolen the singing skills from the opera singer and the piano skills of Rajiv, and were putting on a performance in Venice, Italy. Using a C5, they arrive in Venice to witness multiple henchmen board gondolas to the conert place.

Entering the building and hiding, they see the twins practice while ready for a large crowd. Seeing a table with a ton of cups, they add water to each of them and change the keys of the piece so that the singer can hit the notes; as a result, the cups with water would explode.

When the Net twins enter the stage to perform, the trio pull off their trick when they hit the note, and use a net to take away their stolen talent. As a result, they perform badly, and the crowd laughs at their ruined performance.

They confront carmen, but she escapes via the roof and flees via a watercraft. In the end, they return everything and Maria takes Zack to an opera.


  • Zack
  • Ivy
  • Carmen Sandiego
  • The Chief
  • Maria
  • Cora Net
  • Clare E Net
  • Mini Series
  • File E Critic
  • Lindsey Doyle
  • Hugo First


  • Sydney Opera House
  • Blue Danube
  • Minor Key
  • Composers
  • Bell
  • Waterfront




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