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The Mali Empire is the seventh case in the adventure game Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time.



"This Time Tunnel leads to Western Africa in the 14th Century. It's the height of the Mali Empire, and a pivotal pilgrimage should have hit the road by now. The problem is: no one's going anywhere! See what you can find out.

If there's one Good Guide who knows great empires, it's Ann Tickwittee. She's going with you, so look to her for guidance, Time Cuffs, and another Chronopedia chapter. Better dress for warm weather, Time Trooper. Good luck." -- The Chief


  • Obtain a block of salt for Musa’s caravan
    • Have the goldsmith melt down Musa’s staff into gold weights
    • Trade the correct amount of gold weights for a block of salt with the trader


  • Gold Staff
  • Gold Weights
  • Salt Block

Carmen Notes[]

In Mali, Africa you’ll land, Where cities meet the desert sand.
For famous salt I have a thirst, So check out Musa’s convoy first!
”Ship of the Desert” is your ride, The leading one is where you’ll hide.

Scrap Locations[]

  • Underneath the bundle of gold weights
  • Near the feet of the trader’s camel
  • Underneath Musa’s horse after he leaves

Thief's Location[]

  • At the lead camel of Musa’s caravan


“Alright, Buggs. Gigs up! We’re hauling your sorry mug downtown with us!” -- Ann Tickwittee

"Ya think you're smart, eh? Aw, get outta here! You won't keep me in the clink for long." -- Buggs Zapper

"Great going! You busted Buggs Zapper, and you saved the day for Mansa Musa, by snagging that salt with your clever balancing act.

Because of you, Mansa will make his Hajj to Mecca, and spread his wealth around, and by golly, jolly, oh Mali, will hit the heights of glory.

You've done excellent work, as usual. Can you continue on and take another case?" -- The Chief