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Moose Boy is a Swedish V.I.L.E. agent stationed in Stockholm, Sweden, who is partnered with Otter Man.


True to his name, Moose Boy has a robust and sturdy build. He has short blonde hair and blue eyes, and large front teeth. For attire, he wears a dark blue winter jacket and neck warmer monogrammed with "V" for V.I.L.E., tan pants with dark linings, and blue boots.


Moose Boy is quite dim-witted and easily fooled but has impressive strength, serving as the brawn of the duo. While compliant with Otter Man's orders (even when Otter Man treats him harshly), Moose Boy is casual with people and can even be amicable toward them, but due to his gullibility, Moose Boy has a habit of blurting information and often continues even when he realizes his error.


Moose Boy, along with his partner, Otter Man, attempted to transport stolen nuclear launch codes they were planning to sell, by hiding the data crystal they were in inside an ice statue, but were foiled by Ivy, who they had captured, believing her to be Carmen Sandiego.