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Moondreams is the 4th episode of Season 1 Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


Carmen is off on her most egotistical caper ever - attempting to put her face on the moon and create the world's largest billboard... to herself!


Carmen Sandiego dreams of walking on the moon. Upon waking up, she calls for someone to summon a car. Her hechman takes her to a fancy store in New York City and they proceed to steal items. The clerk does not recognize Carmen but her coworker does, calling the police instead. The police give chase to Carmen in the streets. The guards, meanwhile fix the tire, and then see the helicopters being flown out. Carmen drives away.

Zack and Ivy are investigating the scene, and put the pieces and clues together. They realize the next location could be in China. They use a C5 corridor to a place along the Yangtze River, where they see a bunch of junk ships. They board one and listen through a door, but are promptedly caught and put in a hold. They break free, but knock over a pot with coal on fire that catch the room on fire. They manage to break some floor board, and swim to safety. The junk was sunk.

Going through the clues, they use a C5 rocket to Cape Carnaveral, in Florida in the United States. There they witness Carmen and her hecnhmen steal items. Attempting to foil the henchmen, they fail as they rapple down a twoer, receiving a clue. This clue were info. Seeking information, they meet up with a space cadet named Michelle, and deduce that Carmen intends to be the first woman who lands on the surface of the moon. There, they head outside to the launch pad where Carmen gets into the shuttle and starts the ignition. Ivy remembers what Michelle says, as there must be a certain temperature range before the it shuts down. They grab a fire extinguisher, chills the engines, and the system shuts down. Carmen acknowledges her own defeat, and leaves the scene using a jet pack. Zack and Ivy are glad they solved it this time.


  • Toy box
  • Citric Acid and paper
  • Conditions for space launch of rockets.


  • New York City
  • Sichuan, China
  • Florida



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