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The Aztec Empire is the twelfth case in the adventure game Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time.



"Your next stop in time is the 16th Century, in the heart of Central America. The century's most important Aztec ceremony should be starting right about now. But instead of worshipping, there's just a lot of worry. Better see what's shaking.

Here comes your Good Guide for this trip, Ann Tickwittee. No one knows ancient empires like Ann, so you're in good hands. Good luck, and good searching!" -- The Chief


  • Make a new feather headdress for Montezuma
    • Trade cocoa beans with Xictomatl for corn and the correct quetzal feather
    • Have the blue cotinga drop the blue feather


  • Cocoa Beans
  • Quetzal Feather
  • Maize
  • Blue Cotinga Feather
  • Bird Whistles
  • Headdress Frame

Carmen Notes[]

Nab the headdress, go full throttle -- I’ll soon return like Quetzalcoatl!
Then keep in mind these special words: A hiding place that’s for the birds.
Wait for me when thieving’s done, beneath Aztec symbol for the sun.

Scrap Locations[]

  • In the snake pot next to Montezuma
  • Behind a quetzal feather next to Xictomatl
  • Behind the completed feather headdress

Thief's Location[]

  • Behind the cloak under the eagle


“Alright Buggs, it's back to ACME headquarters for you! They’ll need to break out the BUGG repellent!” -- Ann Tickwittee

"All right. Youse got the zap on me. But you'll never catch the buzz about Carmen's real plan!" -- Buggs Zapper

"Yes! Buggs Zapper is behind bars again, Montezuma is under a new headdress, and the Aztecs have another day in the sun all because of you, Detective. Congratulations!

You've enabled the Aztec Culture to fully spread its wings and have a permanent influence on Mexican history and culture! Good going!

But it looks like there's fresh villainy ahead! Can you take another case right now?" -- The Chief