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Millennia (portrayed by Lynne Thigpen) is the oldest woman in the world. A dark-skinned woman, she is more than 1000 years old and has seen a variety of historical events. She only appears in Season 1 of Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?.

Known Appearances[]

  • Episode 4: She was in advertising in 1944 (during World War II; when Smokey the Bear made his debut appearance)
  • Episode 13: She was a fishmonger in the Middle Ages (in Holland in the 1300's; when the Dutch preserved herring in barrels of salt)
  • Episode 14: She went west on the Santa Fe railroad in 1876 (during the Grant administration; when the first Harvey houses were opened)
  • Episode 19: She complained to Nabisco about cracker barrels during the Spanish-American War (in 1898; when Nabisco's Uneeda biscuits were sold in airtight packages)
  • Episode 24: Her friend Flo had a problem with body odor in 1919 (when the Ladies' Home Journal published an ad for Odorono deodorant and the 19th Amendment was about to be passed)
  • Episode 25: She was a carhop at a drive-in restaurant (in the 1950's)
  • Episode 28: She lived next door to Edward Jenner in England under King George III (in the 1790's; when Jenner created the first vaccine)
  • Episode 44: She knew Jesse Owens when he was a child (In 1936 in Berlin, Jesse Owens stood up to Adolph Hitler.)
  • Episode 57: She recalls a heat wave on the Trans-Sahara trade route in the 800's and 900's (during the medieval period)