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Mason Dixon is a henchman who betrayed V.I.L.E. in numerous ways in the episode "Timing is Everything."

Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?[]

In 1989, when he and Carmen were in Amsterdam, attempting to steal a Rembrandt painting, Mason was captured and sentenced to seven years in prison, while Carmen escaped from the police. When Mason was finally released, Carmen began searching for a Civil War-era sofa in the Appomattox Courthouse. The caper failed, resulting in Carmen being furious with Mason, and in retaliation, he stole Carmen's time machine and went back to 1989 to change the outcome of the Rembrandt theft, so that Carmen would go to jail and he would go on to run V.I.L.E. as the world's greatest thief.

In this alternate reality, Carmen becomes Mason's henchman and has low self-esteem because she "almost always [gets] caught," and Mason, with her unwilling aid, began stealing a series of items that would change the outcome of the Civil War, but Carmen helped Zack and Ivy recapture him and take back control over V.I.L.E., making her the world's greatest thief once more.


His name is a play on the surveyors Mason and Dixon, who drew the border between Maryland and Pennsylvania in the 1760s, known as the Mason-Dixon Line.