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Marta Contreras is a V.I.L.E. operative who deals in stolen artworks.


Marta is a fairly young woman with dark skin, a mole on her cheek, and black hair she ties into a bun. She typically wears a blue dress with circular earrings.


Contreras appears as a rather proper, semi-high class woman, though she is not against playing dirty (such as when she put a valuable artifact at risk just to apprehend Carmen) and can quickly become frustrated.

She also seems to at least be slightly manipulative, as shown when she tried to convince Sonia to become a VILE operative, whilst lying to her as to what the 'vocational school' she wanted Sonia to sign up to truly was.


Marta Contreras was a high end art collector in Mexico City, who trafficked in stolen artworks for V.I.L.E., she used a young orphan thief named Sonia to steal paintings from museums in Mexico in order to sell to wealthy clients.

She seemed to care about Sonia, and, using those thefts as tryouts, believed that she would be an ideal candidate for V.I.L.E. Academy. Carmen, not wanting Sonia to go down the same path she did, confronted Marta and warned her to stay away from Sonia, threatening to have her client list fall into the wrong hands. Marta, however, was not intimidated, and tricked Carmen into catching a statuette that had been rigged with an electrical device, knocking her out. She then contacted Countess Cleo and informed her that she had Carmen Sandiego captured. She contacted Sonia while transporting Carmen, and when Sonia seemed to have accepted her offer, told her to pack for the flight to the academy.

Upon returning to her office, she found Zack and Ivy in there, looking for Carmen. She tries to repeat the same artifact trick on them, but unfortunately for her, they don't have the same desire to preserve cultural history and let it crash to the floor. Upon informing them that she was on a plane about to leave, the two rushed out to save her. Marta then attempted to retrieve her client list from the vase she had hidden it in after knocking Carmen out, but Zack, having eaten too many tacos, discovered it when he was about to vomit into the vase. Ivy retrieved it and hid it, and Zack then vomited into the vase, which Marta put her hand into when she tried to get her book. She contacted the plane's pilots and ordered them to turn back so that Spinkick and Flytrap could retrieve her book, however, Sonia, Carmen, and her crew managed to escape with the book, which Sonia promptly swiped in order to steal the artwork back herself.