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Marta Contreras was a V.I.L.E operative prior to their downfall and mastered in dealing with stolen artwork that she would then sell back to her clients.


Martia is a woman roughly in her late thirties, early forties with a dark, tan skin and black hair that is often tied into a bun and a mole on her cheek, she wears a plain blue dress with a studded black belt and circular earrings.


Marta appears with high-class mannerisms but is willing to put items at risk to play dirty and becomes easily frustrated if the situation does not go as she planned. She is also a woman who is highly skilled in manipulation as she easily convinced Sonia that V.I.L.E Academy was an ordinary vocational school and not one for thieves which Sonia fell for prior to encountering Carmen who then told her the truth.

Encounter with Carmen Sandiego[]

Marta Contreras was originally a high end art collector in Mexico City. Using Sonia's status as an orphan to her advantage, Marta had Sonia steal paintings from various museums in Mexico and from there, she should then sell them back to wealthier clients.

After deeming Sonia qualified enough, Marta suggested to the young thief that she was a good enough candidate for V.I.L.E Academy as she fit their ideal categories, young, skilled and orphaned, later on, Carmen warned Marta about keeping Sonia away from V.I.L.E only for the latter to easily knock her out by tricking her into catching a bugged statuette that had an electrical device attached to it to which she reported back to Countess Cleo, Marta was then pleased when Sonia accepted the offer to go.

Returning to her office, Marta came across Zack and Ivy who were looking for Carmen and upon trying to trick them, she found out the two siblings did not mind artifacts being broken after they did not fall for the trick she had used earlier on Carmen, Marta then admitted Carmen was on her way back into V.I.L.E's hands and the two siblings left. Once Marta tried retrieving her client list, she discovered the vase it was in had sick inside courtesy of Zack who had been sick earlier that day, wanting her list back after realising it had been taken, she ordered the pilots of the plane to turn back so operatives Spinkick and Flytrap could retrieve it for her only to learn Carmen's team, with help from Sonia, had the book and Sonia would use it to take back the stolen artwork.