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Malcolm Avalon is a character in Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?.

He is fabulously rich and lives in a mansion that has a garden; this house is patrolled by private security and dogs.

Nearly 30 years prior, he was on business trip with his wife Marguarite and daughter in San Francisco. A fire broke out at a hotel, and he ran back, only to not find his wife and daughter. After this tragedy, he presumes they both have died. To commemorate this tragedy; he commissions a painting of his late wife and hangs it on his wall. During his time, he had curated artworks on display in his house.

In the present day, his house was targted for a sculpture by Carmen Snapdragon. She enters and sees the painting; she is shocked as it is the same image in her pendant and leaves without the sculpture. He later is confronted by Carmen in his master study room, and claims he is her father. He looks at the pendant and gets angry, accusing her of stealing it; he proclaims that any daughter is not a relative of his, forcing Carmen to leave disappointed.

Later, he watches the news as Carmen is taken into custody,w where she makes an appeal to him. Lee Jordan and a henchmen enters the room and take him captive; he is taken to a hideout in Switzerland. There, Carmen swings into the room, hoping for a rescue, but she is taken captive as well.

He was taken to Switzerland where he was held captive. Later, the he was taken to Beijing as Lee Jordan was to complete his task. There, the resulting battle resulted in his falling off a building, suffring injuries that caused amnesia. Carmen is distressed that she will never find the answers she wanted. He later recovers sans memories at a hospital.