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The Magna Carta Libertatum, most commonly known as the Magna Carta, was a peace treaty document waged by a group of rebellious Barons in the 13th century who wanted fair rights and demanded that King John, the unpopular King of England during 1215, should sign it to which he did, it was first drafted by Cardinal Stephen Lagnton who acted as the Archbishop of Canterbury, the royal charter made it so church rights were protected, barons would be safe from illegal imprisonment, swift and impartial justice would be given and limitations on feudal payments given to the Crown and it would then be passed through twenty-five barons, because of both sides not abiding by the declarations rules, the Magna Carta was annulled by Pope Innocent the Third which lead to the First Baron's War.

After the death of King John on the 19th of October 1216, the Magna Carta was reissued in 1216 on orders of King Henry III's regency government where it was later known as The Magna Carta, even though each monarch continued to keep it renewed, the document began to decline in significance when the Parliament of England passed new laws.[1]

Wanted by V.I.L.E[]

In the modern day, Professor Gunnar Maelstrom took great interest in the document and believed it was worth stealing after discovering that all seventeen pieces of it would be on display in a museum located in Mumbai, India, Maelstrom then declared that the organisation could steal it in the name of law and disorder, the very opposite of what the Magna Carta stood for, a document for law and order.

After discovering V.I.L.E was after it, Carmen Sandiego realised that if it were to be stolen, it would show that evil would reign triumphant. When going over the history of the Magna Carta with Carmen, Player stated that King John would feel appreciated on the Isle of V.I.L.E due to the fact the the King believed he could have whatever he wanted due to his royal status.

Professor Maelstrom then sent Paper Star to steal the document as she was skilled with using the material as a weapon. Despite successfully tracking her down and into the museum, Carmen engaged in a fight with the operative but was overpowered and tied up which gave Paper Star the time she needed to steal the documents, the latter left the scene and pulled the alarm on her way out. That morning, A.C.M.E arrived on scene as Chase Devineaux and Julia Argent attempted to dissect what had happened after discovering the area littered with origami which Julia recognised as the Japanese art of paper folding and were soon contacted by The Chief.

Due to protocol, Le Chevre was sent to Paper Star in order to take the Magna Carta and found her sat inside the Elephanta Caves in Mumbai, realising the girl was not answering him, Le Chevre spoke in good only to hear Paper Star was aware and asked where the drop-off point was and after hearing that protocol stated a hand-over must be done to prevent an operative from being captured, Paper Star mocked her colleague and once again demanded the next location going as to far as to harm Le Chevre with paper cuts, after he eventually gave in, Paper Star left with the documents still sealed away.

After Carmen and Player deduced that Paper Star, going by the alias of Tammy Origami, was going to the Agra District in India where Carmen boarded a train with the intention to stay out of sight but still keep Paper Star in her line of vision, after eventually battling her enemy on the train's roof, Carmen got the upper-hand and left Paper Star hanging on a ladder as she left with the Magna Carta and soon left it in Julia's seat for her to find and it was soon returned to its original display stand.


  • The Magna Carta had great influence on the American Constitution when it was written in 1787.
  • To get Coach Brunt to understand the significance of the Magna Carta, Professor Maelstrom compared it to the above document.
  • It is Medieval Latin for "Great Charter of Freedoms/Liberations" (Magna Carta Libertatum) and "Great Charter" (Magna Carter).



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