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Madame Goldlove is a V.I.L.E. Agent from Germany. Her obsession with gold was rumored to be eclipsed only by her cruelty. She was rarely seen, even by VILE Faculty. On a mission, she and her companion Hugo was supposed to meet Dash Haber in a public square but did not do so because he was fooled by Ivy. On Her mission, she was supposed to smuggle chocolate covered gold bullion out of the country, but this was foiled by Team Red as she had to fight them in her warehouse. She had to flee her operation when the police arrived.


  • After the V.I.L.E. Faculty is captured by A.C.M.E. in "The Dark Red Caper", Madame Goldlove is one of the operatives that A.C.M.E. sets out to find and arrest. Given that her face is marked out, it can be assumed that Goldlove has been arrested.