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Lupe Peligro is a professional Luchadora wrestler living in Veracruz, Mexico.


When Carmen broke into her home to see if she was her birth mother or not, Lupe easily captured Zack and Ivy and demanded to know what they were doing. After Carmen explained herself, she released Ivy and Zack. Although she didn't know Carmen's father nor had she had any children, she offered the gang to come to her match tonight for she felt sympathy for Carmen.

As the match was about to start, Coach Brunt, who had arrived and stolen the mask of Lupe's scheduled opponent, snuck in and captured Carmen. When Lupe saw her in danger, despite Carmen's saying this wasn't her fight, Lupe attacked Brunt and pushed her into the ring. The two women fought, with Coach Brunt gaining the upper hand before Carmen came to Lupe's aid. Together, they defeated Brunt, who was forced to flee when Lupe attempted to pull of her mask. Lupe was then hailed as the winner of the match.

The next day, Carmen and Lupe parted ways, but not before she told Carmen that if she did have a daughter she would want her to be just like Carmen.


She is a somewhat muscular woman with dark skin and long black hair. She wears a blue mask with white markings around the eyes and yellow designs on the head.

Lupe Peligro Luchadora Outfit


Lupe Peligro is a strong personality and loves a good fight. She has proven herself as a good person who possesses a strong sense of justice. Like most Luchadors, she wears her mask at all times. She is also very empathetic as seen when she releases Zack and Ivy after Carmen told her their true motive and invited Carmen to the wrestling match.


As a professional luchador, Lupe is a very capable melee fighter. Her natural strength enables her to hold her own, even against the more massive Coach Brunt. She mainly prefers to use grappling moves, takedowns, and body slams as opposed to punches and kicks.

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